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“Threads Laid Bare” Exhibit on Display in Anderson Gallery

Photo Courtesy of Guen Montgomery

Drake University students and faculty have about a week left to see “Threads Laid Bare Exhibition” in the Anderson Gallery of the Harmon Fine Arts Center. The exhibition, which opened on Sept. 3, closes on Oct. 16. The gallery is open from 12 p.m. until 3 p.m., Monday through Friday, with other times also available by advanced request.

Julia Franklin, Director of the Anderson Gallery, said the exhibition showcases multimedia art.

“The pieces are contemporary works made with threads, fibers and textiles, but also expand the definition of what can be made with thread,” Franklin said. “The artworks consist of anything from normal fabrics to displays of how thread can be used, and gives a glimpse of different ways that artists are working with these specific materials.”

The exhibit was curated by Emily Newman, who emphasized the show’s importance.

“The exhibit really displays the artists’ identities,” Newman said. “Besides clothing, people don’t think of textiles for people’s identity, so it’s important for people to see that identities in textiles can be shared through different processes, not just clothing.”

Newman selected all of the artists featured in the exhibition.

“The exhibit consists of over 30 pieces of artwork created by 12 different artists who all made at least two pieces,” Newman said. “Including artwork from some of Des Moines’ local artists and others spread out across the country.”

Incidentally, each artist who participated in the exhibit was female.

“It wasn’t intentional, but every contributing artist is female, which gave a great acknowledgement of women’s careers and ultimately was a great touch,” Newman said.

One of the artists included local Des Moines talent Cynthia O’Hern, who created a felted and dyed wool piece.

“The piece I made explores human condition and deals with contemplating life and what it’s like to live in the body,” O’Hern said.

O’Hern said she noticed a common theme among the pieces.

“All works are fantastic and unique, and each artist is female so I noticed a theme of feminism and motherhood which I loved,” O’Hern said.

With concern for COVID-19, Franklin had to implement protocols for visitors at the gallery.

“We only average about five visits per day, but we are only open to Drake students, faculty and staff and all must abide by the Drake contract for COVID-19,” Franklin said. “People must check their temperatures prior to attending, wear masks and socially distance; we also have hand sanitizer at the entrance.”

Franklin also made sure to point out the extra aid from the gallery’s ventilation system.

“The Anderson Gallery also has its own ventilation system, so that helps keep air filtered and safe,” Franklin said.

Newman encourages Drake community members to attend the exhibit before it closes.

“A lot of work was put into making the gallery accessible and to experience art in another way,” Newman said.

For more information visit on the exhibition visit

https://calendar.drake.edu/event/threads_laid_bare_exhibition_the_anderson#.X2q5m2hKjD7. http://bycell.co/ckwfg



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