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Bears Lose in LA


If you thought last week’s win was a fluke, look who’s feeling stupid now. It’s me. I’m feeling stupid. The Bears lost again to the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday on the road 7-17. Let’s diagnose the numerous problem(s) at hand. 

Injury eyesores

My heart got caught in my throat this week when RB David Montgomery was listed as questionable for Sunday’s game due to rolling his ankle in practice. Luckily, by the time Sunday rolled around, he was given the green light and activated. I mean, he’s kind of our entire offense right now. No offense to anyone else. Maybe a little offense. 

A big loss is LB Trey Burton, who was placed on injured reserve this past weekend. Burton is such a consistent player that you never think about him not playing…until he doesn’t. Hopefully the guy we called up from the practice squad can hold his own these next couple of weeks. I feel like we won’t have to worry about the playoffs, if we’re being honest. 

Stop the run, maybe

The Rams put up 10 uncontested points before halftime, mostly thanks to Rams RB Todd Gurley, who earned over 18 fantasy points for his Sunday efforts. The Rams running game looked like a clinic, bustling through the Bears’ defensive 11 with little-to-no problems. I’m not an expert at analyzing run plays, but I do know for a fact that once your defense lets one ground TD in, you probably shouldn’t let another in. I mean, for goodness sake: Rams QB Jared Goff only had 18 pass attempts on Sunday, threw an interception and we still lost by 10. 

Hip hoax

Speaking of quarterback troubles, Trubisky averaged 4.4 yards per pass attempt. Big spender. Granted, he had more than twice as many attempts as Goff but also threw a pick. Luckily, that suck fest ended when he was mysteriously benched for a hip injury in the latter half. Lots of fans are calling BS on the injury, though, especially after Trubisky said he was checked for the injury at halftime when the injury didn’t even take place until after. Seems sketch. The verdict? Trubisky is still on the chopping block. Reminder: Kaepernick still doesn’t have a job! 

Is Piñeiro okay?

Everyone’s favorite place kicker missed both of his field goal attempts on Sunday. I’m sorry, what? This man started out the season with Dinero — meaning money — as his nickname. How did we get here? 

Lessons learned

Maybe we should just fire everyone. 

Maddie’s Monster of the Game

Although guarding the running game could use some work, the Bears’ defense did force a couple turnovers and earn a couple sacks. Better than nothing, which is the standard we’re shooting for, lately. 

Divisional roundup

We’re still in third place, which is a miracle, but somehow, the Lions are doing worse than us at 3-6. But of course, if you ain’t first… 

NFC North: Current standings 1st place: Packers 2nd place: Vikings 3rd place: Bears 4th place: Lions 

A Giant loss or win?

One more game until Thanksgiving! The Bears are back at home this Sunday against the New York Giants, who are also terrible. It will truly be a fight to the finish — hopefully, we can keep blunders to a minimum and improve to 5-6 like it’s some big accomplishment. It’s all about perspective is what I always say. 

That game’s kickoff is at noon on Fox. See you next week. Beardown.

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