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Bears Finally Get a Needed Win Over Lions


The streak is broken. The Bears have finally tasted sweet, sweet victory once again and at Soldier Field, no less. Not only that, but with Sunday’s win over the Detroit Lions, we are no longer in last place of the NFC North.

Sending my best to Stafford
Besides playing at home, the biggest advantage of the day was revealed before gametime when it was announced Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford would sit this match out due to a handful of broken bones in his back. I wish him a speedy recovery — would love to have a proper rematch on Thanksgiving this year.

I’m not complaining about getting to play against a second-string QB, but it’s tacky to wish ill will on an opponent, especially when us Bears fans know what it’s like to not have a healthy QB. It’s not pretty.

But who’s the backup?
Before signing with the Lions in September, QB Jeff Driskel played for the Cincinnati Bengals for three years after being waived by the 49ers, who drafted him in the sixth round of the 2016 NFL draft. He started the last five games of the 2018 season and ended with decent numbers, throwing for over nearly 800 yards in five games in addition to five touchdowns. But after being placed on IR in August, the Bengals waived him, too.

Down to the wire
If I’ve realized anything new about the Bears this season, it’s that literally every game they play is exciting up to the last minute. And it’s usually not a good thing. Sometimes, I just want Chicago to send their opponents packing by the end of the third quarter. Instead, I watch each game through my fingertips while remembering to take deep breaths.

The first quarter wasn’t anything exciting. The Lions kicked a field goal to put them up 3-0. Snore. They kicked another one in the second quarter, bringing their lead to 6-0. That’s when I started to get annoyed. But a great pass from Trubisky sent the home team into halftime barely on top 7-6. And by barely, I mean there was only 25 seconds left in the second quarter when TE Ben Braunecker caught the TD pass. Also hi, Ben. I had no idea who you were before this game, so my apologies on that front.

Third quarter was all Chicago — Trubisky threw two more TDs: one each to RB Tarik Cohen and WR Taylor Gabriel. Placekicker Eddy Piñeiro missed one of the PAT attempts, which is a little concerning, but I can move past it this time. 20-6 Chicago headed into the fourth quarter.

The Bears looked pretty good. Defense was making big stops, especially LB Nick Kwiatkoski, who had nine tackles, a sack and a pick on the day. A couple other guys also managed to drop Driskel a couple times. But to be transparent, Trubisky got sacked a handful of times, too. Both QBs were in the scrambling mode on Sunday, which had mixed results.

Driskel made the scramble work in his favor, though, and made Chicago fans nervous by rolling out the pocket and throwing a beautiful ball for a 47-yard touchdown with less than six minutes of play left. 13-20 Chicago.

Luckily, a couple more big defensive stops prevented another score, and the Bears claimed a win. Finally.

Lessons learned

  • It’s cool that Trubisky can still throw touchdowns, but that also means that he’s inconsistent.
  • If you scramble, make sure you have somewhere to go.
  • Taylor Gabriel is back.

Maddie’s Monster of the Game

Kwiatkoski really made his presence known on Sunday and played a big part in holding the Lions to only one touchdown in 60 minutes.

Divisional roundup

Detroit and Chicago are holding down the fort as the bottom two teams in the NFC North, both with losing records. But there’s a new hint of optimism in the air.

NFC North: Current standings

  • 1st place : Packers
  • 2nd place : Vikings
  • 3rd place : Bears
  • 4th place : Lions

Rally against the Rams

All eyes will be on the Bears next week when they face the Los Angeles Rams for Sunday Night Football. Trubisky should be ready to put on a show because performing well against a decent fellow NFC team may be enough to edge him off the chopping block. The Rams aren’t stellar this year, so exposing their choppy offense will be the key to victory.

Kickoff on NBC will be Sunday, Nov. 17, at 7:20 p.m. CST. I’m looking forward to this one.

Catch you later, readers. Beardown.

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