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Tips for music auditions

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Every year brings a new set of classes, schedules, and for music students, auditions. Whether it’s for orchestra, jazz band, or musicals, the first week of classes is stressful for those in the Fine Arts Center. Though it’s over, students learned some tips.

1. Prepare. The best audition happens when you know your material and feel comfortable with it. Performing a piece you’ve just started or have difficulty with will make you more nervous. It’s also essential to research your material. Sophomore Katie Fries stresses this. “By reading the shows, I get a feel for the mood and setting of a show.”

2. Don’t over practice. This may sound contradictory, but it’s actually about finding the line between dedication and obsession. Everyone practices a bit differently. Just because you know someone who practices four hours a day doesn’t mean that you should. One of the worst feelings is leaving an audition knowing you should’ve done better, but were too tired.

3. Rest up. You’ll think quicker, feel stronger and perform better after a good sleep. Also, you won’t impress anyone if you’re yawning through your audition. You’ll look uninterested and sloppy.

4. When you’re at your audition, remember that everyone there’s going through the same stress and anxiety. “Don’t be that annoying, bubbly mess that angers everyone else,” Fries said. Keep a professional manner and treat your fellow students with respect.

As stated earlier, this year’s auditions are over, but fair warning to those with music roommates, the tension will increase mid-September when band chairs are auditioned.

If you’re interested in these ensembles, talk to professor Aimee Beckman Collier about musicals, and professors Grady McGrannahan, Akira Mori or Robert Meunier about Drake’s bands. However, if you’re simply curious about what motivates people to work (and stress) so much, there are several performances that’ll show you the talent Drake possesses.

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