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Intramurals brings unexpected challenges in the final week


Bosco is a senior English and secondary education double major and can be contacted at haley.bosco@drake.edu

The final week of fall intramurals is upon us, and with the combination of a holiday season, the program has heard of multiple athletes wishing for just one thing this year: a co-rec basketball championship. This league always brings a resounding number of teams willing to compete. After watching each sex contribute equally to all squads this year, and even having girls as captains of teams, we hope Drake intramurals has made its mark on the rhetorical campaign for justice in the fight for equal-opportunity athletics.

In the spirit of this culminating week of playoffs, I would like to give my first annual public predictions on the possible winners and upset candidates of one of Drake’s finest intramural sports. Due to the fact that most Drake students would rather study for finals than play basketball, the program has compiled the heavier half of playoffs into the penultimate week of the semester. This aspect has some teams potentially playing up to four games in five days to boast a definitive victory. Nothing in life has prepared us for this defining week of co-rec basketball, but given enough focus and quality nutrition, your team can find itself ready and aggressive come championship night.

Here are my predictions:

Recreational league: This league possesses the most quantitative competition this week. The intramurals program thrives off of multiple playoff games in one week, as this usually brings irrational, unexpected results. Nonetheless, here are the teams to look for:

Winners: Attorney’s at Ball (Ranked No. 2)
This squad has used a bold strategy in often varying their team name from the more commonly known title of “The Firm.” Do not let the new pun fool you; these players are still part of the law school, most likely older than you and may be more talented at talking the refs into changing a call. However, the new team name brings the same game every year. They are talented, aggressive and likely to find themselves walking away with multiple victories this week.

Almost Winners: Phi Delta Chi (Ranked No. 1)
Here is another chance for more experienced players. This is the professional pharmacy fraternity, which means players with extended years of education and more seasons of intramurals under their belts all come together. The red and gold shirts are ubiquitous throughout intramurals, but their only moment of vulnerability may come with a team that has nurtured four extra years of intramurals instead of their relatively insufficient two years.

Potential Upsetter: Honey Badgers (Ranked No. 4)
Have you seen the Youtube video?

Championship game: Dec. 8, 10 p.m.

Competitive League: This league consists of a five-team playoff bracket. The championship game has already been decided, and the tension has been building since the semifinal games were completed last week. Here are the two teams squaring off tomorrow:

Cookies: This team suffered its only loss against the opposing team tomorrow night, but their determination may transcend the defeat and be the main factor in this rematch. The female players on this squad are intimidating, as their ankle braces, real basketball shorts and four-point abilities are unrivaled. The extended amount of pick-up basketball the team plays may also contribute. If the team brings it all together, they could prove victorious.

Silence of the Llamas: This team consists of an unmatched amount of intramural staffers. This has raised much contention in the realm of intramurals, as many players assume this to be the main reason for the unstoppable nature of all similar teams. To counter the argument as unbiased as I can, there is a chance that players who work for intramurals may actually like sports, have played them before and never raise their voice to a referee. However, the ability to make a lay-up has nothing to do with one’s job. The squad has met its match in “Cookies,” and the game will be one to watch.

Championship game: Dec. 6, 9 p.m.

Until next time, please play by the rules.


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