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Banquet to show levels of hunger

Around the world, there are almost a billion people who live on about $1.50 a day.  To put this into perspective, a 24-ounce bottle of water costs $1.50 at some gas stations.

In participation with the ONE campus challenge, Drake ONE members are hosting a hunger banquet and $1.50 challenge.

The event takes place this Wednesday from 5-6:30 p.m. in Parents Hall.  Upon arrival, attendees will pick a ticket out of a hat, which will determine what they will be served for dinner that night. These tickets break the groups up into income levels based on current statistics worldwide.

There are three different courses based on the tickets.  The low-class group eats rice and beans on a paper plate and must sit on the floor.  The middle-class group will also get rice and beans, but they will be allowed to sit in chairs.  The high-class group will receive specially prepared meals and will be served at tables by waiters.

In addition to the hunger banquet, attendees are encouraged to participate in the $1.50 challenge. Attendees are asked to form teams of seven and create a meal for under $1.50. Contestants then bring their receipts, and judges will critique the meal based off of creativity, taste and presentation.

“We decided to host the hunger banquet for the $1.50 challenge so that we could interactively show people the food disparity in our world,” said senior Elsa Becker, co-president of ONE at Drake. “By participating in the event, the students can get a feel for the proportion of people that live on so little. I hope this challenge shows students how difficult this would be.”

The hunger banquet is modeled after Oxfam Hunger Banquets, which are held by many organizations to raise awareness about worldwide poverty.

“It is important that people attend the hunger banquet and $1.50 challenge so that we, as a university, can make a statement that we are aware and care about world hunger,” Becker said.

Levels of Hunger…

Low Class: rice and beans; paper plate and sit on the floor

Middle Class: rice and beans; sit in chairs

High Class: specially prepared meal served to table by waiters


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