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Top 8 awesome things about fall

Swain is a junior marketing and writing double major and can be contacted at eryn.swain@drake.edu

Fall break has arrived! Take some time while you’re relaxing over the next few days to enjoy the wonderful season. Read on to find out the top 8 best things about fall.

1. Sleep. I don’t know if it is just me, but the fall time change always feels like more than an hour. I feel like that extra hour of sleep is more like an extra day of sleep.

2. Hot chocolate. Whoever invented this wonderful beverage should be knighted. It is the perfect way to warm up after a brisk day outside.

3. The beautiful colors! I can’t get enough of the fire orange and crimson colored trees in the fall.

4. Fall break. Come on, we have to be excited about this. Most schools don’t have fall break and it couldn’t come at a better time: midterms.

5. Corn mazes and hay rides. Nothing says fall quite like a trip to a pumpkin patch or a nice ride atop hay bales in a tractor.

6. Cooler temperatures. I love hoodie weather. You are no longer sweating in shorts, but rather are comfortable in light layers.

7. Halloween. I don’t believe you are ever too old to trick-or-treat. Or at the very least, you can dress up in costumes and be someone else for an evening.

8. Craft shows. I love attending those fun craft shows where you get hot apple cider and walk around looking at 50 different cat-printed pot holders made by elderly women.

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