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Students Speak: What is your favorite part of fall?

Now that October is here, it truly feels like fall.  Find out what Drake students love about the season.

“I like the leaves changing colors and how they compliment the pumpkin spice lattés.”
– Erin Shoup, sophomore

“I really enjoy the relaxed feeling.  Summer seems to get so built up, and fall is just kind of a time to relax.”
– Keaton Hewitt, sophomore

“I like the changing tree leaves because it makes campus look pretty, which makes me excited to walk around to go to events or to class.”
– Molly Wilensky, junior

“I like fall because it will be closer to the end of the semester, and I like the weather. It’s a little bit chillier and not as hot.”
– Sarah Reckling, first-year

“Books – fall is the time when I can relax and read easier.  I’m currently reading ‘The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.’”
– Devon Page, sophomore

“I like fall because I get to watch football.  It gives me something to do on Sundays.”
– Michael Thornton, junior

“Boots, because they’re cute.  I just really like fall fashion.”
– Michelle Lippoli, senior

“I like flag football because I love to play football, and I’m awesome at it.”
– Nick Kollauf, junior


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