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SAB presents ‘How-to Tuesdays’

On a table lined with Band-Aids, brochures and “how-to” guides, event coordinator Kelly Huting and Student Activities Board representatives made their second “How-to-Tuesdays” debut.

The new program, launched this September by SAB, was designed for incoming students just getting used to campus life. Last week’s guide was “how to spice up your space,” which consisted of crafts and decorative dorm room tips. This past Tuesday was “How to live on your own.” Among the brochure tips was showing students how to do laundry.

“It’s targeted toward people living on campus,” junior Huting said. “It seems that underclassmen are the ones who have the most adjustments and we wanted to ease that.”

SAB came up with the idea in the spring semester and solidified it during the summer. It occurs every Tuesday in September starting at 5 p.m. at the entrance of Hubbell Dining Hall.

“I’m really excited for it,” Vice President of SAB Jessica Hamilton said. “It’s an innovative and creative approach to programming.”

Instead of having students sit through a presentation, Huting said they decided to have brochures available at a table so that students could take them as they leave the dining hall. The brochures have been especially successful with last week’s dorm room crafts.

“I would say it’s been successful in helping people get ideas about things,” Huting said. “Our aim for the crafts and organization (brochure) was to make (Drake) feel more like home.”

Huting designed the program so that it would set up its table during Hubbell’s dinner rush to attract students passing through on their way to eat. According to Hamilton, about 50 students stopped by last Tuesday.

“Last week people seemed to enjoy it,” Hamilton said. “It’s a new take that SAB hasn’t done before.”

Next week the topic will be “How to stress less.” Huting said this topic seemed suitable since it is around the time that many students will be taking their first big exams. The “stress less” brochures will consist of foods that are good for the brain, soothing music suggestions, how-to guides for yoga and Pilates and a Bell Center schedule to encourage working out to reduce stress.

For now the program will only go through the last Tuesday in September, but Huting said that it may return this spring with improvements.

“People have been really receptive to the idea,” Hamilton said. “Hopefully this is something we can do next semester.”


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