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Top 8 ways to avoid and keep off the Freshman 15

Now I am no nutritionist here, but here are the rules I attempt to follow in my own life. Everyone is different and has different dietary needs, but this is what works for me and what may work for you, too.

1.  Keep the good stuff out of your dorm room. If you have a weakness for chocolate chip cookies and find yourself downing an entire package in one sitting, don’t buy them. Wait for a special occasion or a trip to Hubbell to indulge.

2.  Make good choices. Sure, a greasy pizza is good every once in a while, but remember what your parents taught you about healthy meals. Make sure to eat your fruits and vegetables first even if that pepperoni pizza is calling your name. Fill up on the healthy foods.

3.  Keep an eating schedule. You are probably going to grab for something more fattening and flavorful if you don’t have a schedule planned into your day. Make sure to eat at regular times daily.

4.  Visit drakeudining.com/nutrition.html.  This Drake resource, straight from Drake Sodexo’s dietician, has many tips on how to eat healthy and exercise.

5.  Don’t skip meals. If you always ate lunch in high school, don’t stop eating it in college. Even if you don’t have a lunch break, find time to snack on an apple between classes or to have a granola bar during your commute.

6.  Don’t stress. We all have times where our  weight fluctuates. If you find yourself gaining weight, it is not the end of the world. Just try to stay optimistic so you can get back to the weight you want.

7.  Join an intramural team. This is a way to make new friends, to show your competitive spirit and to have a good time while burning calories.

8.  Move. I can’t say this enough. While it may seem impossible to gain weight with all the walking you are doing on campus now, you will walk around less and less as the weather gets colder. Find ways to keep moving by cleaning your dorm or by visiting friends across campus.


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