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Quidditch held in Helmick Commons

Grab your broomstick and wand and head over to Helmick Commons for a game of Quidditch. That’s right, Drake has its very own Quidditch organization.

Quidditch is the sport played in the magical world of Harry Potter. There are seven members on each team, and all players ride broomsticks. There are three hoops that players try to score through and each are worth 10 points. Each team has one keeper, a player that acts as a goalie to keep the other team from scoring. The three players that try to score with the quaffle (a ball similar in size and shape to a soccer ball) are called chasers. All the while, two magical balls called bludgers are flying through the air trying to knock players off their broomsticks, so two players, called beaters, carry bats to hit the bludgers away from their teammates.

Last but not least, there is the seeker of the team, who tries to catch a small, golden ball with wings that flies around. This ball is called a golden snitch, and when caught, it gives the seeker’s team 150 points and ends the game.

Naturally, some changes to the game for us muggles (non-magical people) had to be made. Players still have to have a broomstick between their legs even though they can’t fly. The beaters carry the bludgers and throw them at the other team.

The snitch is really another player in yellow who can run all over campus, and the seeker can only catch him or her while they are in the Helmick Commons area. The seeker must grab a sock from the snitch to end the game. Also, when chasers are hit with a bludger, they have to throw the quaffle up in the air.

Robert Garon, a Quidditch player and one of the leaders of the organization, said the players get really into the game and have a lot of fun. Students passing by often see them playing and stop to watch or cheer on a team.

According to Garon, Quidditch came to Drake in 2009. The people who show up are divided into teams. This year, Quidditch has had trouble getting started again. Garon said not enough people are showing up to play.

The organization is still trying to meet, however. It meets on weekends, and the time and place is usually written on the sidewalk all over campus.
Quidditch is a fun sport to play and watch. It’s a must for any Harry Potter fan.


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  1. student November 22, 2010

    The use of direct quotes as well as finding different students would’ve made this article a lot better

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