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Drake takes steps to prevent sexual violence

August 31, 2011 7:14 PM

This past July, the Drake University administration was planning to add a new member, a coordinator for sexual violence response and healthy relationship promotion.

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New DSM restaurant is ‘worth the wait’

7:09 PM

Zombies took to the street of Des Moines on Friday evening to commemorate the opening of the newest eatery, Zombie Burger + Drink Lab.

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Top 8 ways to avoid and keep off the Freshman 15

7:04 PM

Now I am no nutritionist here, but here are the rules I attempt to follow in my own life. Everyone is different and has different dietary needs, but this is what works for me and what may work for you, too. 1.  Keep the good stuff out of your dorm […]

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Program will discuss consequences of alcohol

7:04 PM

The effects of college-aged drinking can have a lasting impression on a person’s life.

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Drake student to show independent film at festival

6:59 PM

“Claddagh” is a movie that uses inspiration from the Irish ring and is about so much more than love.

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Our Two Cents: 9/1/11

6:56 PM

The sidewalks turned to rivers and the sight of rainboots and umbrellas took over campus.   Thanks to the gloomy downpour this week Lake Drake made its first appearance of the year. E flat? B sharp? Doesn’t matter! If it was made in the 90s then it had amazing key […]

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Bulldogs salvage 1-1 double overtime draw against Southern Utah

6:55 PM

Megan Fisher’s late goal earns team co-championship in Arizona

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Partying goes from classy to trashy

6:54 PM

Don’t try to deny it—college students like to party. But why? There are numerous theories swirling around trying to justify the acts of power hour, beer pong and Everclear. Whichever argument you choose to side with, it probably involves some sort of risk. Risk of drinking too much. Risk of […]

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Drake returns from Illinois road swing

6:53 PM

Michael Noonan scores early in 1-1 double overtime draw against WIU

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Intramurals kicks off new season and website

6:48 PM

Drake intramurals is off to an exciting start this year.

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