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New DSM restaurant is ‘worth the wait’

Zombies took to the street of Des Moines on Friday evening to commemorate the opening of the newest eatery, Zombie Burger + Drink Lab. Hundreds of residents from all around the metro flocked to participate in and view the spectacle. This modern café features everything from unique burger combinations to astonishing alcoholic milkshakes. No matter what your fancy may be, stop in soon.

I had the opportunity to also attend the grand opening on Tuesday. No matter if you tried dining in or taking out, the lines were cutting through the restaurant and heading out the door. It didn’t take long before guests were passing by with simple words of encouragement.

“Trust us, it’s worth the wait.”

After waiting in line for what seemed to be a while (expected with opening days), I found myself positively bombarded by the large selection of appetizers and what they like to call “goremet” dishes. The pricing is pretty standard as well. A meal would typically cost around $7-$10. This is not half bad for the amount of food that you are provided. While pricing can look steep depending on your financial situation, the plate has a generous helping of nourishment.

Like the business world always says,  “We need some new blood in the business.”

Zombie Burger + Drink Lab IS the new blood in the Des Moines community and people are certainly taking notice.

Spooky Specialties

Zombie Poutine – fries topped with cheese curds and gravy

Trailer Trash Zombie – American cheese, fried pickle slices, chicken fried bacon, cheese curds, ranch mayo

Dead Moines – smoked gouda, crispy prosciutto, Niman Ranch ham, garlic mayo

Undead Elvis – peanut butter, fried bananas, bacon, American cheese, egg, mayo

Zombie Bride Wedding Cake Shake – vanilla ice cream, yellow cake mix


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  1. Drake Student September 1, 2011

    Um, whats the address?

    1. Jodie September 1, 2011

      300 E. Grand

  2. Resident September 1, 2011

    300 E Grand is the address

  3. Jodie September 1, 2011

    I was fortunate enough to get in the early crowd, last Tuesday & I have to say that this is one of the best burgers I have had in my life. I do not like to eat hamburger / beef, but I am craving one of these again!! I had a Trailer Trash Zombie, oh my…….: ) If there is a line, it is well worth the wait. Staff was friendly, funny, helpful & really cared that we were happy with out experience. Oh, ps, the water was great, I happen to know it is a very awesome filtration system, as a water snob (as I have been told), it was “good stuff”!

  4. nerr September 1, 2011

    Google it

  5. address September 1, 2011

    303 E grand dsm 50309. 515 244 9292

  6. Carrie September 1, 2011

    300 E. Grand Ave.

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