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Letter from the Editor: moving forward amidst uncertainty

Hello Times-Delphic readers,

While we are in strange times, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on where we have been and where we are going. 

I have served as Editor-in-Chief of the Times-Delphic for the 2019-2020 school year, where I’ve gotten to connect with Drake on an even deeper level and grow as a leader. It has truly been a privilege and a learning experience like none other. My love and appreciation for journalism have increased tenfold throughout this position. But also, my love and appreciation for the Bulldog community. 

When I first wrote my letter from the editor stepping into this position last year I discussed my goals. I want to hearken back to them for a second, the role of journalism is to tell people’s stories and to empower those often ignored voices. While I think the TD made improvements this year, it is still not enough. Moving forward, I want to re-commit our focus on highlighting diverse and nuanced perspectives. I want us to reach outside of the Drake bubble and think about the communities we live in, what is the wider implication there. Our generation has a responsibility to not only our campus and communities but to ourselves. We must strive to do better. To support our fellow man as we enter into tumultuous times. We must give and receive grace.

I started my career at the TD as a first-year news editor and was in awe of the student leaders who I saw step up in the wake of the Paint it Black movement. This year, as EIC, Drake has run into some big moments as the caucus transformed our campus. We have had to ask questions involving student speech and now, about the future of our institution as we are reeling from COVID-19. 

Looking at the future, there are many understandable concerns, as students worry about how they will pay their next bill or the health of their family. The Times-Delphic’s goal is to offer information that looks at how Drake will continue moving forward and what that means. 

I am grateful and excited that I will be continuing my position as Editor-in-chief next year. It is my sincerest hope that we will be able to return in a safe manner to campus but if not, the Times-Delphic will continue to do what we can to grant a semblance of normalcy. I have no doubt that when the time comes, the Bulldog community will manage to come out of this crisis united. #draketogether 


Rachel James



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