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Drake dining changes to one side with Quad meal


Upon returning to Drake this semester, students may notice a lot of changes on campus.

One of the most crucial and outrageous changes would have to be the fact that students can no longer get two sides with their Quad meal. Now, when you swipe your card at the register, they only ask you which ONE side you would like.

One side? So, I can’t get chips and a banana? Or two bananas so I can stock up on them when they actually have them there? No, we no longer have that luxury.

I can’t help but wonder why this happened.

Money cannot possibly be an issue; we pay a decent amount of money for our decent-quality chicken wraps and potato chips.

Health could be a motivation behind fewer sides; instead of eating two bags of chips or four cookies, you can only have half. This makes no sense unless ate all of his or her sides at once. A lot of students ate one side with their meal and saved the other for later as a snack when they were stuck in class or the library studying.

The only pro I’ve seen that has accompanied the decline in sides would be the greater variety of sides in Quad now.

The sides that used to come in small plastic containers, like veggie cups, fruit or pudding, are now bigger. There are more types of chips — new flavors of Cheez- Its and the option of baked chips – and they have added small side salads. Although our amount of sides were cut in half, at least some better and larger sides were added to try and make up for it.

It might take a while for students to get over the side shortage fiasco at Quad, but I feel with time, we can all overcome this trying time. Even though we cannot stock up on sides anymore, or save sides for later snacking, and still pay the same price for food… well, it sucks a bit, but really isn’t the end of the world.


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