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Election continues in run-off

Story by Taylor Soule

Photos by Luke Nankivell

IMG_4040-w2000-h2000A run-off election between first-year senator candidates Nathan Jacobson and Jared Freemon is today.

The Election Commission announced the run-off early Thursday morning in lower Hubbell Dining Hall. Election Commission member Julianne Klampe said 350 of 850 eligible students voted in the election.

Freemon thanked the first-year class for believing in him.

IMG_4043-w2000-h2000“I’d like to say ‘thank you,’” Freemon said. “I’m glad they (first-year students) have faith in me to serve them.”

He said he hopes to build a bond between first-year students and upperclassmen and faculty if elected.

“My goal is to make sure first-years are connected with upperclassmen and faculty,” Freemon said.

Jacobson did not return requests for comment.


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