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Drake-Qingdao partnership delayed

Partnership between Qingdao University and Drake to be delayed until the fall semester of 2025. Photo courtesy of wikimedia commons.

Drake intends to wait until the fall semester of 2025 to begin its partnership with Qingdao University in China if it is approved.  

Joint degrees in biology and data analytics were proposed to China’s Ministry of Education, according to Drake Provost Sue Mattison. 

“Our liaison is optimistic that our collaboration will be approved,” Mattison told The Times-Delphic over email. 

Qingdao students would be able to complete Drake and Qingdao’s requirements and receive degrees from both universities, the TD reported in February. The joint degree programs are for students on Qingdao’s campus, not on Drake’s campus, Mattison said. 

“We do expect to develop study-abroad opportunities for Drake students to study at QU,” Mattison said. 

Mattison said she met with the biology and data analytics department chairs who have been engaged with the collaboration. The chairs agreed that Drake should wait until the ministry formally approves the partnership. 

“If we receive approval from the [ministry] in spring, we would begin at that time to review curricula and hire new faculty to enroll students for fall semester 2025,” Mattison said.

For more information, visit the TD’s previous reporting here and here.

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