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Story by Katie Ericson

We’ve all had that class. The one where the workload is massive, the assignments are brutal and the class itself is intimidating. Sometimes we scrape by and manage to survive with nothing but sheer luck. Other times we need help.

That is where Drake University’s resources come into play. From the Writer’s Workshop to the Drake Reality Series to the Counseling Center, there are plenty of opportunities and offers that can help you make it through that tough semester.

For instance, if you are having a difficult time with your English or journalism class you should head to Howard 227. There you will find an experienced staff that is eager to help you improve your writing. It is free and all done one-on-one to give you the best results. Go to http://artsci.drake.edu/writersworkshop/wwshop.html to sign up for an appointment or call the workshop at (515) 271-2729.

However, if you have more of a stress or psychological problem dealing with your workload or many activities, Drake University’s Counseling Center can help. The center works to help students not only with personal difficulties, but also with developmental issues that may prevent students from achieving academically through counseling and consultation.

Therapists are available from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and can be reached at (515) 271-3864. The center is located near the Health Center and Drake West Village One.

If you are more worried about your general process of studying or working, there are a variety of seminars put on by Drake Academic Achievement aimed to help students with these issues. “Extreme Makeover: Time Management Edition,” “Dancing with the Faculty: How to Talk with Faculty” and “Deal or No Deal: Test Taking Skills” are just a few of these examples. Toward the end of each semester there is always a specific night dedicated to surviving finals. Last year was on Nov. 8 and was called “Survivor: How to Survive Finals Weeks.” These programs are set up throughout the semester, so keep an eye out for posters and signs.

If you feel you need more individual attention than these programs offer, you can contact Chrystal Stanley, academic achievement coordinator, at (515) 271-3752, or at chrystal.stanley@drake.edu.


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