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Fake a spring break

Going home for spring break this year? Or sticking around the Des Moines area? Maybe you’re not going on an extravagant, tropical vacation but you can fool everyone with these tips to fake a spring break. Come back to school with the stories, the photos and the experience to share without having to travel hundreds of miles.

1. Get the sun-kissed glow.

Stay away from the tanning beds – tanning can increase the risk of skin cancer by nearly 75 percent. But there’s nothing wrong with a spray tan. Go to a local salon and get a spray tan mid-way through the week so that it looks natural by the time you get back to school but hasn’t faded yet.

2. Find local hot spots to explore and take tourist-like pictures.

Even if you’re not taking on some new, exciting city, there’s got to be some random hot-spots to check out that you’ve never visited before. This could be a hole-in-the-wall restaurant, a small shop or a scenic location (like the Pappajohn Sculpture Park). Do a little bit of exploring and you’ll surely find something worth while.

3. Treat yourself.

You may not be on some tropical island but there’s nothing saying you can’t drink something fruity, indulge in that expensive meal or buy yourself a souvenir. Allow yourself to splurge just a little bit this week and buy yourself something fun just because you can.

4. Relax.

Spend some “you-time.” You could get a massage, if it’s nice outside you could lay out somewhere, don’t set an alarm in the morning and just relax. While spring break is often seen as a time for crazy vacations – Panama Beach style – there’s nothing like a little bit of time doing nothing.


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