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Getting together with friends?

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Here are some tips for a great Super Bowl party

  • Find the biggest TV you can.
  • Set out a snack table with all kinds of party food. Be it homemade or Jethro’s take-out, nothing says Super Bowl like pizza, nachos, and hot wings.
  • Challenge your friends to a bet on who will win the game, or by how much.
  • Wear a team jersey. Even better if the team is not actually playing.
  • If it’s warm enough (and it just may be!) throw the football around Helmick Commons before kickoff.

Not a football fan?

Not a problem! Non-sports buffs can still enjoy the game.

  • Watch the commercials, and pick out the funniest, craziest, most confusing, and most memorable.
  • Watch Madonna rock the Halftime show, pray for no wardrobe malfunctions.
  • Watch adorable pooches romp around in Puppy Bowl VIII.
  • Go bowling, and enjoy how empty the lanes are.

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