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Hubbell Trouble: Fruitylicious oatmeal

Kramer is a sophomore broadcast journalism major and can be contacted at mackenzie.kramer@drake.edu.  Hamilton is a sophomore advertising major and can be contacted at hillary.hamilton@drake.edu

This is Hubbell Trouble, the new column that will be forced upon you for the rest of the semester. What is Hubbell Trouble you ask? Fabulous question. We come up with ideas to fully embrace that required meal plan we’ve all grown to love. This week we decided to start off the semester on a healthy note with some Fruitylicious Oatmeal.
First, it’s time for the ingredient round up. (Yee-haw!) You’re going to need a banana, an apple and dried cranberries from the salad station, granola, and a packet of oatmeal. Grab a half-cup of hot water from the coffee machine; there are no measuring cups so we wish you the best of luck on this one. Make oatmeal, cut up the banana and the apple into chunks. Then, add everything into the oatmeal. Voila!
See, it’s not that difficult to make Hubbell delicious. Keep reading our column in the coming weeks to see more recipes and nonsense: if you can’t wait that long check out our blog at hubbelltrouble.wordpress.com.
You know you love us. XOXO, Hubbell Trouble


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