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Students Speak: Finals

What advice would you give to first-years as they prepare for their first round of college finals?

“Don’t study too much at once, because you will get burned out.”

Jake Walburg, sophomore

“Drink lots of caffeine and talk to your professors before to make sure you are studying the right things.”

Kelsey Brandt, sophomore

“Get a jump start on studying. Start early rather than later and don’t stress too much, it is over before you know it.”

Madison Cirks, sophomore

“Start studying early, plan out in advance for your more intensive classes. If you have  to, ask questions of your professors and older students.”

Ryan Thomas, sophomore

“Stay off Facebook and the internet in general, to stay focused.”

Sarah Mooney, sophomore

“Go to the late night meal at Hubbell and drink 5-Hour Energy.”

Tej Patel, sophomore

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