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Drake UNICEF is official

Student Senate will vote next week on an increase in the Student Activities Fee, but at a slightly later time.

The motion to increase the fee served previous notice and will be voted on this Thursday at 10 p.m. at Student Senate’s second edition of an outreach and strategic meeting.

The meeting was pushed back an hour to allow for Senate’s participation in the Nearly Naked Mile, a philanthropic event put on by the Student Alumni Association.

The Student Activities Fee has not been altered since the 2008-09 school year. This motion to increase the fee by $7 will be effective during the 2012-13 school year.

Again, Senate had a visitor last Thursday. Alysa Mozak, Drake’s coordinator for sexual violence response and healthy relationships promotion, spoke to Senate about her new position to campus.

“We all need to work together to end violence on our campus,” Mozak said.

Mozak has been at Drake for three weeks and aims to serve as an advocate and provide services for assault victims. She also hopes to prevent all forms of violence on campus.

In his report, Student Body President Greg Larson announced that his Cabinet had been established and that they are “focusing on very specific issues,” like the high-speed rail project, the Iowa Caucus and sustainability.

One organizational approval and two funding requests were passed unanimously. Drake UNICEF is now a campus organization. DRxUGS received funding for its campus health screening and the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity was allocated the funds to attend the C. Roger Wilson Leadership Conference.

The Fellowship of Catholic University Students organization passed with a clear majority but with more debate than the other motions.

Some senators were confused on the goal differences between FOCUS and the physical St. Catherine of Sienna Church located near campus. The student catholic center is more commonly known as St. Kate’s.

“I don’t understand why St. Kate’s couldn’t fulfill all these same functions,” Sen. Adam Lutz said.

FOCUS leader and senior Rachel Kauffold explained that the new organization is more focused on reaching out to students on campus with bible studies and mentorship programs rather than requiring students to come to St. Catherine of Sienna.

Student Senate also passed a motion of support and recommendation for the creation of a Study Abroad Scholarship Fund.

Cabinet member Breanna Thompson explained that the fund would make studying abroad more accessible for those who needed it.

The motion will later be presented to President David Maxwell, other university officials and the school’s board of trustees.

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