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Opinion Relays Edition

Q & A with a Greek couple

How did you guys meet?

Katie: My friend [Cortney Marshuetz] became friends with one of his roommates and we were all out together one night. We had never even heard of each other before and we had no idea who the other one was.

Cody: I was in the bar drinking and I saw this really pretty girl across the bar and I decided to just go up and talk to her. I had never seen Katie before that night.

Is it hard dating someone in the Greek system/ not on Greek street?

Cody: At first, I just didn’t know anything about it. She would have these meetings [chapter] and I would always wonder what they were about or what they did. She’s busy a lot of the time that I’m usually free.

Katie: The only thing that’s hard some times is that he doesn’t know as many people. I feel like everyone knows at least of everyone in all the other [Greek] houses so I just have to introduce Cody a lot.

Do you guys attend Greek events together?

Katie: Yes, but golf for him interrupts with a lot of it so I take friends from home that will come in and visit. If he couldn’t go to something I probably would have taken one of my guy friends. I think the first event he went to was a formal and he was pretty leery of it at first.

Cody: I mean, I didn’t know anyone. I guess I knew a couple of her friends but everyone knows stuff about everyone else and it’s just weird to walk into.

Is it easier to meet people in or out of the Greek system?

Katie: The houses have exchanges and you go to their social events and they come to ours. Greek events mainly stay in the Greek system so it’s just easier to know the guys around you. I can’t believe I’m dating someone not in the Greek system, I wouldn’t have expected that to happen but Greek street can sometimes be dramatic so it’s almost refreshing being with someone who knows nothing about it.

Cody: I think every girl I’ve met at Drake was in the Greek system so yeah, it’s easier. They’re out at the bars so they’re just more social.

Does golf act as a sort of fraternity?

Katie: Sports teams could be considered their own houses. They all hang out with each other like the frats would hang out with each other, go to practice together and live together.

Cody: Coming to Drake I still had no clue what a frat or sorority was my freshman year. It was golf and golf only pretty much.

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