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Opinion Relays Edition

Relationships and Relays

Every Drake student knows what Relays means. It’s a time to let loose and celebrate, but most importantly it means that the spring semester is drawing to an end. This time of year can bring up many questions for those in relationships or those who are considering turning their Relays hookup into something more.

Can we survive almost 3 months with the long distance? Will I still have feelings for this person if we are apart? Do I want to be single for the summer months? Will jealousy or trust issues emerge from being apart so long? The list goes on and on.  These are questions which every person and couple must think about and discuss, or there is little to no chance of summer relationship survival.

It’s no wonder why relationships seem to spring up like all the flowers on campus during the spring; the weather is nice, school is almost over and everyone is in a better overall mood. Like the animal kingdom, it’s mating season here at Drake University. Relays only enforces this ritual; with hookups happening all over campus from the dorms to Greek street to all the local drinking holes. Love, or at least lust, is most definitely in the air.

But once the tents are taken down and the paint on the street dries, people are left questioning what is to become of their Relays spring fling.  Even if things do not become Facebook official, you can feel better knowing there is only a few weeks left of school, and you can avoid the other person by burying yourself in the library to study for finals. But if in fact your hookup turns into something that last more than the two weeks of Relays, make sure this is something you want for a potentially long-term relationship because it would be a shame to be apart for so long and then break up mid-summer or as soon as you get back to Drake.

Long distance college relationships are 100 percent doable over the summer months if both participants are willing to make it work. With skype, emails, texting and everything else under the sun to stay in touch, it makes it much easier if you have the time and energy to work with your significant others’ schedule. Just make sure this something you both want to do.

Relays is a magical time of year and can bring out the best and worst in couples, relationships and hookups. I wish you the best of luck with all of your choices and decisions from Relays into the summer. Don’t forget to make yourself happy first and enjoy everything Relays has to offer.


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