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Learning how to sell

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Photos: Connor McCourtney

There were orange pots and white pots, black pots and peach pots. They were decorated with stars, faces, designs and anything else going through the minds of fourth- and fifth-graders. After preparing for months, the children were ready to sell their hand-crafted pots.

Last Friday, children from The Haven, an after-school program with the Children and Family Urban Minstries through Trinity United Methodist Church, sold pots in Hubbell. Drake University students in Students in Free Enterprise have volunteered with The Haven on Thursdays from 4 to 5 p.m. to organize the Krafty Kids pottery sale. The children who came to the sale were chosen based on attendence and good behavior.

Janelle Mueller, in charge of the program, said that this year’s Krafty Kids went much better than last year.

“We sold a lot more than we thought we would, and donations were given out,” she said. “Many kids had done it before and they weren’t as afraid to approach the students.”

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The kids made an estimated $200, more than last year’s $160, said SIFE member Eryn Swain.

“The college kids were the motivators,and they’ve been working on this for months,” Mueller said. “The group was very mature. They knew what to say to the kids to get them back in line and on track.”

The Haven children will get to spend the money on something they choose themselves. Last year, they bought a PS2.
“Once the kids have ownership of the program, they participate more,” Mueller said.

This also gets the third-graders excited to be in the program when they are in fourth and fifth grade.

“We’re already talking about planning for the fall more diligently to plan for selling before Christmas,” Mueller said. “Definitely would want them (the SIFE members) back for next year.”

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