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Des Moines offers new exercise technique

Working out is such a hassle—the hike over to the Bell Center to run on the treadmill seems like so much effort. Maybe it’s not laziness, but that everyone’s workout plan needs a makeover from time to time. Kosama is a 10-week pro­gram involving different exercise routines that will not only make working out more exciting, but will also whip anyone’s body into shape.

Kosama Complete Body Transformation, which opened Aug. 16, uses the various exercises of yoga, kettlebells, kombat, plyometrics, upper body strength and lower body strength to com­pletely revamp your body. The unique aspect of Kosama is that, not only do they spice up the routine throughout the 10 weeks, but also that they provide customers with services that are not available at your average gym, such as nutrition­al plans and a friendly environment.

Ben Bjorholm co-owner of Kosama, at the downtown Des Moines location, described Kosama as a workout program that stands alone. The program varies from day-to-day, six days a week, making the exercises new and ex­citing every day.

“It’s all about muscle confusion,” Bjorholm said. “We do modifications for every exercise so it truly is for all ages and all fitness levels.”

Drake University junior Courtney King said Kosama is worth the $323 that she invested in the program.

“As a college student, it seemed like a lot at first,” King said. “But now that I can visibly see a difference in my body, the money isn’t that big of an issue for me. I am paying for the class I know that I will attend everyday rather than blowing off a workout at the Bell Center.”

Kosama provides customers with an online nutrition plan that allows members to keep track of their daily diets, and the plan suggests health­ier alternatives to our favorite everyday buffalo chicken wraps or ramen noodles. Bjorholm de­scribed this combination as “a total body work­out for mental and physical health.”

Junior Megan Iliff has been participating in the program since August and enjoys the nutri­tional aspect of Kosama.

“The program not only encourages exercise, but good dieting habits as well,” Iliff said. “The online program gives you healthy meal ideas and tracks your daily intake.”

The Kosama staff is another reason this pro­gram stands out. Bjorholm explained that Kosa­ma doesn’t look for just applicant interested in a part-time job, but for someone who is dedicated to helping others succeed as a lifestyle.

“We look for people who are energetic, that like to have fun and that live a healthy lifestyle,” Bjorholm said. “It’s not just another paycheck for them, the staff really cares about the mem­bers and their results.”

The particular attention to detail pays off, and it is seen in the customer satisfaction. Both King and Iliff described the staff as the kind of butt-kicking trainers people need to be pushed to the next level.

“The atmosphere is awesome,” Iliff said. “The staff is friendly and know our names. They encourage us and make the classes fun.”

King seemed to agree with Iliff, as she de­scribed Kosama as a bonding experience on top of a great way to exercise.

“Since we all see each other six days a week, we have become a unit,” King said. “People in the class, as well as the instructors, have been there through all of the changes, so we have be­come close. It is nice to have that consistency!”

Considering the program is as intense as it is long, Bjorholm said that customers could be apprehensive at first.

Starting a new program can be frightening, especially if you aren’t the type of person who likes to run three miles a day. After classes start up, however, members realize working out can be fun, and they quickly change their minds.

“People are never looking around wondering what to do,” Bjorholm said. “We have coach­es showing what to do and making it easier or tougher to fit personal fitness level. Everyone gets a good workout, whether you are training for a triathlon or if you spent the last 10 years on your butt.”

Kosama can change an entire body inside and out with time and commitment, and with the friendly, caring staff Bjorholm hires, Des Moines residents shouldn’t be afraid to walk in with zero experience. Kosama combines an in­tense variety of exercises with a nutritional plan and a happy-to-help staff. Bjorholm described Kosama perfectly: “It’s not just a workout pro­gram, but a total body transformation.”


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