Dogtown After Hours to host world’s largest Nerf gun battle

February 28, 2015 3:00 PM


Dogtown After Hours received funding from Student Senate with hopes of breaking a Guinness World Record.

The event plans to break the Guinness Book of World Records for largest Nerf gun battle.

The current record holder is Washington University with 468 students. This event hopes to have 600 students in attendance.

Two representatives of the committee for Dogtown After Hours, a newly approved annual event, requested $9,360 from senate.

The event, on Friday, Mar. 27,  will also include bubble soccer, a massage room, caricaturists, a street magician and other activities hosted by Drake University organizations.

To create a lasting impression on Drake, the event also plans to collaborate with students to create a mural in lower Olmsted.

With the help of Ted Hatten, an adjunct professor at Drake and a local artist, the mural will honor Drake’s late live mascot Porterhouse.

La Fuerza Latina, an organization that hopes to connect Drake’s Latino culture with Des Moines’ influence,  was  recognized as a official organization.

The group hopes to address the lack of Latino voices on campus and is encouraging Drake to recruit a new Latino counselor.

La Fuerza Latina will include Latino and non-Latino students alike.

They recently traveled to Dowling High School to translate Spanish conversations during parent-teacher conferences.

“I think this group can really foster dialogue with the election coming up,” Sen. Olivia O’Hea said.

After a tense debate, the Student Senate also allocated $706.75 to the TEDx Drake Club for their upcoming event that is open to the public.

While the TEDx license gives them the rights to use the branding name, they do not allocate any money in order to put on a personalized event.

The TEDx event will allow students and faculty to speak openly about interesting or controversial topics that might not normally be discussed.

The senate gifted this money for mostly craft supplies to create a TEDx Talk atmosphere in Sussman Theater.

Student Body President Joey Gale also clarified some recent issues that have come up in conversation around Drake’s campus.

Sodexo, Drake’s meal provider, has recently been confronted with different social issues concerning animal rights.

A petition from the Humane League surfaced on the website criticizing Drake University for employing a company like Sodexo who “uses liquid eggs from cruel, filthy and unsustainable battery cage-farms.”

“I wanted to remind you that Sodexo as well as Drake are actively aware of these social issues,” Gale said.

Sodexo announced on Feb. 19 that they are currently working toward eliminating all battery cages by 2017 and their meat and dairy products will now have no artificial growth hormones.

Gale also discussed the recent circulation of an inaccurate online article published by .

Drake was listed as number three on a list of the “Top 25 Most Dangerous Schools in America.”

“The website’s algorithm for this list was completely off,” Gale said. “We are nowhere near the top 25 most dangerous schools.”

WQAD8 of the Quad Cities has reported that the report was redacted due to “errors in the analysis” with data from 2005-2012 . Drake is no longer on the list.

Associate Dean of Students Jerry Parker was also in attendance Thursday night.

He spoke highly of the senate’s ability to address different issues on campus, and reminded them that he, as well as other administrators are open to conversation at all times.

“I wanted to clarify that my role is as an advisor,” Parker said. “In regards to what the Senate looks like, that is up to you. I hope to be a reference to you in the future when you need help collaborating or supporting each other, but the infrastructure of the Senate is in your hands.”

Bateman competition tests PR majors

February 27, 2015 9:00 AM


If you have noticed the hashtag #NeighborhoodMatters popping up on your social networks lately, you can thank a group of Drake University students.

Five public relations majors are participating in the national Bateman Competition.

“Bateman is a national case studies competition that happens yearly,” sophomore Kelly Marble said. “It happens with about 50 to 60 teams from around the country. It’s an opportunity for students to plan, evaluate and implement a full-scale public relations campaign.”

While some schools require their students to participate in the Bateman Competition, it is optional for Drake students.

“The unique thing about Drake’s Bateman team is that we do it as an extracurricular activity, while a lot of other teams around the country do it as their senior capstone” Marble said. “For us, we have everyone from freshman to seniors on the team and it allows everyone to get an experience.”

“I think Bateman is an awesome opportunity for PR students who are really motivated to go the extra mile to see a project through from beginning to end,” Public Relations Professor Jennifer Glover-Konfrst said. “I think it’s important that they can do that in an environment where they get to actually see their results.”

This year, the team was allowed to find a client close to home.

“The overall client this year is Home Matters, but we were allowed to either focus on Home Matters or incorporate a local affiliate of theirs,” first-year Jordan McEntaffer said. “So we chose to add the Neighborhood Finance Corporation which is here in Des Moines.”

“Neighborhood Finance provides low interest and forgivable loans to people who might not otherwise qualify,” Marble said. “For example, one of their clients didn’t have a credit history, so the bank normally would not give them a loan to buy a home. Through Neighborhood Finance, they were not only able to get a loan to buy a home in the Drake neighborhood, but they were also able to get a forgivable loan to make improvements to their house.”

Participating in the Bateman Competition allows students to gain experience they may not get in their regular classes.

“We do a lot of public relations planning in classes throughout the major, but with Bateman you actually get to implement the plan, which is something you don’t always get to do,” Glover-Konfrst said. “So it’s a really great opportunity to see your ideas in action.”

“I was told it was a great way to gain PR experience,” McEntaffer said. “It seemed like a way for me to figure out if I truly wanted to do PR, and so far, it’s been amazing.”

To find out more about the Bateman campaign, you can follow the Neighborhood Finance Corporation on Twitter, @NFCDM, or like them on Facebook. The competition runs through the end of February.

GradReady giving out prizes for finishing financial literacy program

6:00 AM


Drake University is holding a prize drawing for students that complete the financial literacy program, GradReady.

The prizes will include $500 worth of Drake gear, distributed to all those who complete the first portion of the program by the end of February. There will also be another incentive program implemented in May.

The program offers a comprehensive look at finances, including lessons in a full budget, financial aid vocabulary, an explanation on rental fees and other financial topics.


False danger ranking online creates concern on campus

February 26, 2015 1:15 PM


Gale is a senior marketing major and can be reached at or @joeyjgale

Gale is student body president and can be reached at or @joeyjgale

Drake Students,

You may have heard that Drake is part of a new online list of the “25 Most Dangerous Colleges.”

I’m writing to let you know that the publishers admitted that they identified an error in the analysis of the data used in their report.

This resulted in an incorrect ranking of dangerous colleges in the United States.

They confirmed that Drake should not have appeared on the list.


Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence hosts Student Day at Capitol

6:00 AM


Three Drake students attended a Student Day, hosted by the Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ICADV), at the Iowa State Capitol last Wednesday to speak with their congressional representatives about a bill on dating abuse.

Right now, in the state of Iowa, if an individual is in an abusive dating relationship, the abuser can only be charged with assault, which doesn’t hold the abuser as accountable for his or her actions.

This bill, called House File 15 or Senate File 138, has been active for 13 years.


Speaker to discuss disability, business

February 25, 2015 3:00 PM


Stevie Hopkins, a serial entrepreneur and curious individual, will share his perspective on people with intellectual and development disabilities tonight in Parents Hall.

“I am a proud man with a disability, but my disability doesn’t define me,” Hopkins said. Hopkins is passionate about bringing more awareness for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) in the community. He travels around giving notable speeches, and his next stop is Drake University.

The Best Buddies chapter at Drake is eager to welcome Hopkins to the university.

“We are extremely fortunate to be able to host Stevie and hear him talk about his life and shed light on the importance of respecting people with IDD,” Chapter president Conor Wells said.

The members of Best Buddies have invited people from all around, including local high school Best Buddies chapters, families and members of the community and all Drake University students.

“Stevie can really speak to everyone because he has so much experience,” Wells said. Hopkins has not only overcome the challenges of having a disability, he has also started his own business: 3E Love,

This business was started by Hopkins and his sister, Annie,  and promotes the acceptance of people with disabilities and challenges the community to love and embrace them. Annie Hopkins developed the logo of a wheelchair heart that is depicted on the company’s clothing and accessories.

His success as an individual can inspire students and community members alike.

Today, Hopkins continues to expand upon 3E Love, explaining that his sister, who has now passed, would be upset that he hasn’t incorporated brighter colors in his clothing choices.

Students and community members are encouraged to attend his speech, even if they are not active participants of Best Buddies.

With Spread the Word to End the Word, a week nationally devoted to stopping the use of the word “retard” beginning on March 4, Wells thought Hopkins was the perfect way to kick start a week of awareness. Banners and bracelets will be available in Olmsted during the first week of March, continuing to promote Hopkins’ message of positive awareness for people with IDD.