Earth jam raises awareness

April 11, 2015 3:00 PM


Good food, great music and Mother Earth came together this past Friday night at Earth Jam, a concert put on by the Drake Enviromental Action League (DEAL) for the fourth year.

The event is usually held outside, but due to weather it was brought inside to the Pomerantz Stage. Peformers at the concert included Drake student Chris Fairbank, Paul Doffing, The Iua Projeckt featuring Drake alumni Aaron Ehrlich, Twins, Foxholes and Teen Daad.

Along with the performers, who often had environmental messages of their own, DEAL provided education tools at the concert. Some members gathered up plastic bags that have been used on campus, to promote their goal of banning plastic bags in the C-store. (more…)

Beautiful animals ready to walk the runway

11:30 AM
BEAUTIFUL BULLDOG COMPETITION will be April 19 at 2 p.m. in the Knapp Center featuring over 50 dogs. FILE PHOTO

THE BEAUTIFUL BULLDOG COMPETITION will be April 19 at 2 p.m. in the Knapp Center featuring over 50 dogs. FILE PHOTO


Bulldogs will literally be taking over the Knapp Center during Relays.

Over 50 local bulldogs will compete later this month to be crowned as the most beautiful.

The 36th Annual Beautiful Bulldog Contest is one of Drake University’s signature Relays traditions.

Zoe Zuidema, a first-year broadcast news and rhetoric double major, is excited about attending and has been preparing for it. (more…)

Humans of Drake: Wind Symphony Percussion

April 10, 2015 3:00 PM


Each week Humans of Drake will be capturing moments around campus that involve members of the Drake community. Check back each week to read more.

Humans_of_Drake001How often do you meet to rehearse?
Class meets three times a week and we schedule a sectional every week.

What song were you just playing?
“From Glory to Glory” by Kevin Walczyk. And the interesting thing about this piece is that it is purposefully paired up with “The One Life Beautiful” by Julie Giroux. So those two pieces together are supposed to serve a remembrance of Heather Ellen Cramer Rue, who was tragically killed in a bicycling accident by a drunk automobile driver.

Next Course aims to raise awareness on college campuses about food-insecurity

6:00 AM


What started as a position in the office of Community Engagement and Service Learning has now sprouted into a campus organization.

Junior environmental science major Laura Leben is one of eight Service-Learning ambassadors at Drake who was given the task to create a service-learning initiative that connects the Drake community to the Des Moines community. She completed this through Next Course Food Recovery Network.

“I decided it would best fit the goals of making it sustainable by creating it as a student organization and giving it that integrity and have students responsible for doing the work,” Leben said.

From this initiative came the student organization Next Course. Next Course is designed to take food leftover from catering, dining halls and concession and distribute the leftover food to local shelters. (more…)

Drake Greek life derails typical college stereotypes

April 9, 2015 11:30 AM


A study by the University of Maine found 55 percent of college students involved in clubs and organizations have experienced hazing and according to, 73 percent of students in sororities or fraternities experience at least one form of hazing behavior.

But at Drake University the statistics do not apply.

“There is a zero tolerance policy for all of Drake’s Greek life on hazing, sexual assault violence and alcohol incidents at any chapter function or involving underage students,” said junior Interfraternity Council Executive Vice President and music education major Xavier Quinn.

Many Greek life communities across the country deal with issues involving hazing, sexual harassment and alcohol abuse. In an effort to eradicate these harmful behaviors, Drake is setting a new norm in their Greek community. (more…)

YouTube video brings joy and laughter to students

April 8, 2015 1:15 PM


A student sits in his dorm room, stressed out beyond belief. He needs to destress, and he needs to do it now. So he logs onto YouTube, pulls up the Drake Question videos and has a good laugh at others’ stupidity instead of his own. And it feels good.

Or at least, that’s what the purpose of Drake Questions is, says Ore Arogundade, creator of the humorous videos.

Before moving to Des Moines to attend Drake University pursue a degree in broadcasting and participate on the university’s varsity basketball team, Argoundade emigrated from his home country of Nigeria to the United States. He is a first-year student, but he is already well known around campus.

The videos show Argoundade with other Drake students asking them what appears to be simple questions, such as “Who’s on the dollar bill?” and “How many stars are on the American flag?” As easy as these questions may seem, many of the people who are asked in the video get the answers wrong. (more…)