Boy Scouts need to rethink stances

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  1. “Teaching kids outdoor skills is worthless if you aren’t also teaching them character, integrity and compassion.” If only that were true for Girl Scouts as well. Instead, after their “inclusive” policies became known, Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) and WAGGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, the international org of GSUSA) are focusing on spending donations and cookie royalties on… wait for it… legalizing prostitution and contraception and abortion for 10-year-olds without parental knowledge. You see, when the floodgates are open to the Liberal Progressive mindset of “all tradition is bad” and “we can change the world” you end up with radical leftists on the Boards and Executive Offices making decisions using money earned by unsuspecting parents. Don’t believe it? Just Google “Bali Global Youth Forum Declaration PDF” and read for yourself what Girl Scouts support. WAGGGS was on the Steering Committee for this event, so it helped promote and guide the resulting document that pushes homosexuality as “gender rights” and hooking as “sex work” that is “decent employment” for little girls. Soon, like the UK and Australia, American Girl Scouts will eliminate God from The Promise. It is inevitable, because it is “progressive” to be atheistic. It is a slippery slope. Don’t fall for it, Boy Scouts.