Early MVC tournament exit typical under Phelps

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  1. D says:

    Nice column, Eric. I think the vast majority of Bulldog fans (heck, 99% of them) feel that Phelps isn’t the guy to lead our David. I’ve met him, he’s a great guy, he can recruit well, but this just isn’t the right spot for him.

    As Andy Fales of WHO said on last night’s SoundOff, “I love the idea of a chef who uses the finest ingredients, but if he cooks lousy food, I’m going to eat somewhere else.”

    I hope we start looking for a new coach, but I also wish Coach Phelps the best in the future.

  2. Drakedude says:

    You may like MP, dislike him, or something in between. This is a very results oriented business and the results are 5 years of bad outcomes. If they keep this guy, this alum is checking out. If they dont care, why should I.