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OWS receives unearned praise from media

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  1. Peter Broderson says:

    I do not believe anyone involved with OWS is complaining about the goods or services in America or the world but the tremendous inequity of pay for work. No corporation or wealthy person has gotten rich without government help and most of them have not paid back that help in taxes or public good. OWS by individual actions has put a world spot light on the growing monopoly of billionaires controlling world trade through a few hundred corporation. The Tea Party on the other extreme seems to be defending the Empire against the welfare of its citizens and are funded by the billionaires!

  2. Marconi says:

    Dude! Before you can gain credibility, you need to come armed with FACTS, not just stale ideological chestnuts. For example, your gratuitous shots at Rachel and Keith — who are actually in touch with members of Occupy, have them on as guests, etc., so they know what the movement’s about. You, on the other hand, think Countdown is still on MSNBC (it moved to Current-TV, middle of last year, before OWS started); so you’re obviously just guessing what KO thinks about it, since you don’t even know which channel the show is on! You’re a student, Ben, way too young to be so incurious. Get out there and find out stuff for yourself, like real journalists do. Strap on your Nikes, put on your Levi skinny jeans, grab your iPod and go get the FACTS, Ben. They matter.

    1. Ben Levine says:

      Dude! I understand Olbermann left MSNBC and, you’re right, he is over at Current-TV with the Young Turks (who I find much more tolerable). Nevertheless, I would guess most associate Olbermann with his former employer, MSNBC, and their far left “Lean Forward” reporting, which he so wonderfully contributed to; I hope the discrepancy of when he left didn’t distract you from my problem with OWS (even though you focus only on Olbermann in your response). As far as me “guessing” what Olbermann thinks of OWS, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him come out in favor of the group:

      Secondly, I have actually seen an OWS protest (admittedly, it was only a DSM protest). I’ve watched the reports on YouTube from not only media sources but protesters themselves, and I know what they want. They want more equality in society through “fairer” taxation, less power for corporations, and an economy that allows more social mobility. The most official Occupy website says that they discuss issues “ranging from ending the death penalty, to dismantling the military-industrial complex, to affordable healthcare, to more welcoming immigration policies.” I’ve seen your average people at OWS discuss with Peter Schiff (in an articulate manner) their want to repealing the Bush tax cuts and helping students with their tuition. Marconi, believe me when I tell you I understand that OWS is a complex movement.

      However, my assertion that the OWS is a joke still stands even when taking in the complexities. I knew all these things when I wrote the article; OWS is, in my opinion, a fraud movement and while it has directed our nation’s discussion toward equity in society I believe it has not brought forth any solid ideas. My view is that our government has too much power in the private sector and in the markets; it is this power that creates loopholes and benefits certain corporations. Giving government more power — which many Occupiers want, you cannot deny that — will only make things worse.

      Sorry I couldn’t write an entire explanation of my problem with OWS in the 700 word opinion article above. I’m sure you’ll understand it is an opinion article, not an academic essay.

  3. D says:

    Are people going to protest for the wrong reasons? Yes. People do things for the wrong reasons all the time. But there are the people that are doing it for the right reasons.
    I think the people you point out are the people doing it for the wrong reasons, and you are choosing to focus on the wrong things.

    OWS and other Occupy movements aren’t just a rail against corporations deal. They’re tired of the people with money being able to buy election results and legislation when the normal person, elected officials are supposed to represent, can’t get anything done for them. Things like the Citizens United ruling certainly don’t help with the issue at all. When it comes to the individual wanting his college paid for: I can sympathize. I’m tired of seeing college tuition given to illegal immigrants and as “rewards” on shows like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and other shows of that sort (because ultimately nothing is free and giving it away for one person raises the prices for everyone else). The normal person isn’t asking for a hand out, they want a hand up, and they’re tired of working and working and working and getting nothing except for rising costs.

    1. Ben Levine says:

      See, this is why OWS makes me so angry. You are so close to the answer but your solutions are so wrong. You’ve realized that there are rising costs! Why are there rising costs? Maybe it has to do with the government, the Federal Reserve, and our monetary policy? Maybe the government should stay out of the business — yes, the business — of manipulating our economy and markets as well as our monetary supply. Rising costs is due to inflation and inflation stems from printing money we don’t have, which is a result from our government having too much power and doing too much in general.

      Similarly, if you don’t want people to buy elections then try this: limit government power in the economy. Think about this question: Why do corporations and rich people give so much money to election campaigns? Well, it is because they get so much out of it. In other words, people donate to campaigns because they think they’ll benefit from it. Similarly, the corporations donate because they figure they’ll benefit from their candidate winning and then that candidate using their power in government to help the corporations that donated to them. Take away the power of our government to intervene in the economy and you take away the incentive for corporations to donate to campaigns.

  4. D says:

    You obviously don’t understand OWS or any of the Occupy movements. Do some protest for the wrong reasons? Sure, but there are people that do things for the right reasons and the wrong reasons no matter what it is. Instead of focusing on the people who want hand outs, maybe you should be looking for the people that are looking for a hand up. And the ones that are protesting because of corporation/political greed. The average person doesn’t have millions to throw at politicians or to fight(support) legislation. Elected officials are supposed to represent everyone and not just the individuals that have money.