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“South Park” season 26: A-grade pasquinade

South Park Logo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Despite being a show that has been on the air for over 20 years, “South Park” continues to be a satiric masterpiece. What makes “South Park” work, in my opinion, is Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s ability to make fun of any and everyone. 

Regardless of what political, religious, sociological or economic background, “South Park” will have commentary on it. There are just as many episodes making fun of Republican ideals (“Mexican Joker” is one of my favorites) as there are Democratic ideals (“About Last Night” is one of my favorites). In its 26th season, “South Park” has not changed in this manner. This season has six episodes and two specials (while not listed as officially part of the season, most fans consider these specials to be the reason as to why this season was so short and are deemed as “unofficial episodes” of the season). 

In 2022, “South Park” released “The Streaming Wars Part 1 and 2.” This special focuses on the damage that has been done by ManBearPig (who is a series stand-in for global warming). Of the boys, Cartman lives in a giant hotdog (because he forced his mom to quit her job), Stan is still living on Tegrity Farms, Kenny is still poor and Kyle is still in South Park. The two stories merge together in a way that makes comments on streaming services, global warming, corporate greed and much more. 

One of the most notable moments of this special is the apology Stan and Kyle make to Al Gore, who “South Park” has called “crazy” for caring about ManBearPig. This shows that “South Park” is able to recognize when they get something wrong. This kind of vulnerability goes to show that the writers are not perfect, and they know that. It makes me appreciate the comedy that is being presented even more. 

With these specials, the creative talent of “South Park” made some returns to the origins of the series. This can be seen with Randy’s role in “Part 2.” In the ManBearPig storyline, “South Park” calls upon Randy’s geologist skills to solve the issue with the water reserves in the state of Colorado. This causes Randy to strike a balance within himself – he has to be the right amount of Karen and the right amount of Randy to solve the ManBearPig issue for now. The ending message is, “ManBearPig is something that no matter how many times we try to push it away, it will continue to come back,” and I think this is a very real thing to expect from ManBearPig.  

 Right from the very first episode, “South Park” goes for the balls and points its arrow at Kanye West. This episode, while having its signature dark humor, comments on Ye’s recent rise of antisemitism. It does so in a smart and unique way, as is just about anything “South Park.” While most assume “South Park” is just unnecessary and cruel humor, it is more than just that. This episode is a good example of the kind of show “South Park” is. It makes the dark humor we know, but it ultimately leaves the audience with an important message. The message in this episode is very clear – antisemitism is not good. 

The strong messaging continues throughout the season, with another example of this being in “DikinBaus Hot Dogs.” In this episode, Cartman comes up with a get-rich-quick scheme so he can move out of his hot dog. He does this by creating a restaurant, despite only having “worked” in any restaurant for only a day. Butters comes to the rescue with hard work, making the DikinBaus Hot Dogs restaurant turn a profit. With this, Butters and Leanne (Cartman’s mother) come together to teach Eric a lesson. 

To finally see Leanne put her foot down and be strict with Eric has been great in recent seasons (such as in HUMANCENTiPAD), but it has been great in this season. Leanne has grown from a dumb whore (the show’s words, not mine) to a fleshed out character, and it has been great! Additionally, the commentary that this episode has on the worker shortage is honest and funny. They do a fair job at showing both sides of the argument, and it does so with intelligence and great humor. 

If you have been getting “South Park” shown on your TikTok FYP, then this is a sign to watch this season of “South Park.” If you like satire (such as DUiN), then this is a sign to watch this season of “South Park.” It is truly a great commentary on the state of the U.S. right now, and hey – why not get a laugh out of it too? 


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