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The wolf of the bed sheets: Leo DiCaprio under fire for dating history

Graphic by Liv Klassen | Photo Editor

On Dec. 19, 2022, the third highest-grossing film of all time, “Titanic,” officially turned 25 years old – unofficially making it too old to date its leading man Leonardo DiCaprio.

The 48-year-old was a teenage heartthrob in the ‘90s but remains one of Hollywood’s holdout-eligible bachelors. Leonardo DiCaprio is the same age as my dad, and his latest rumored girlfriend is MY AGE. I’m a big advocate for loving who you want to, but Leonardo Dicaprio dating someone less than half his age makes me uncomfortable.

Why am I allowed to have an opinion on Leo’s dating history? Well, for one, I’m a human being, and humans love the drama that isn’t theirs. More relevant, I’m here to admit to a deep, dark secret and sacrifice my dignity for the commentary section of the Times-Delphic.

Leonardo DiCaprio was my celebrity crush for much of my childhood.

Before you put the paper down or close the tab, let me explain. When I was old enough to watch Leo’s movies, he starred in “Titanic,” “Romeo + Juliet” and “Catch Me If You Can.” That boyish grin and those dreamy blue eyes were enough to make any young girl swoon.

However, as I grew up and those movies stayed the same age, I found new Hollywood stars to fawn over. Leo’s latest leading lady probably grew up on the same movies and is now dating my childhood crush at my age!

Leo has a massive platform, and for better or worse, his love life is always on display. Unfortunately, that means these young women are also in the spotlight. Of the over 20 women DiCaprio has been linked to, none of them have been over 25 years old.

The tabloid headlines are more about making fun of Leo maintaining his record instead of addressing the very serious issue raised by this pattern. DiCaprio dating women young enough to be his daughters is not healthy. Young women seeing the headlines will think it’s normal, and it’s far from normal.

For many of Leo’s ladies, one of the first headlines in their careers is attached to a man, not their own merits. DiCaprio is a well-known figure in the industry, so these headlines stick with them after the relationship fizzles out.

I’m genuinely curious about what either party gets out of this arrangement. Is Leo going through an ongoing mid-life crisis? Is dating these young women his coping skill instead of buying a sports car or getting an embarrassing tattoo?

Perhaps Leo feels this is his personal connection to the fountain of youth. Leo’s ladies may have an expiration date, but the fountain is always overflowing with models and starlets.

For these women, is the money and fame really worth being the punch line of a joke at a cocktail party? Most of them went on to focus on their careers and marry someone less prominent. Others haven’t made the headlines since their breakup with Leo.

Headlines aside, it’s concerning for an older man to date a much younger woman. If the roles were reversed and an older woman was dating a string of younger men, people would play the Oedipus card and berate this woman for sleeping her way through the next generation.

Leonardo DiCaprio has five years to settle down – or at least date someone who was old enough to vote for President Obama – until he becomes Hollywood’s oldest eligible bachelor. George Clooney got married at the ripe age of 53 to his wife, Amal.

So, Leo…the clock’s ticking.

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