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Drake Theatre Arts presents Student Theatre Productions

Photo Courtesy of DrakeUTheatre Instagram

Drake’s Department of Theatre Arts presents the Student Theatre Productions in the Coleman Studio Theatre from Feb. 23-26. The Student Theatre Productions consists of four one-act plays directed by Drake Theatre students.

“Come Back Later” is directed by Abby Rogers, a junior. It follows a typical day in the life of a man named Jackson Clark. He lives in an apartment with his wife and is visited by his psychiatrist to work through his trauma, but in the end, not everything is as it seems.

This show was written by Drake junior Sa’Daiveon Newell, a close friend of Rogers. Rogers said that directing his work has been really fun.

“Everything he writes is intentional and analyzing his work has been fascinating,” Rogers said. “I am so lucky to bring his work to life.”

“Vigilantes” written by Brigit van Gemeren, is directed by Emma Grace Bradley, a senior. It tells the story of three friends hanging out the morning after they murder their friend’s abusive boyfriend.

“I would love for people to leave Vigilantes thinking about their own biases that they have for the people around them,” Bradley said. 

Bradley hopes this play will spark a conversation about ableism in the theater community. She believes that different brains will tell stories differently, and when people are able to come together with people who think alike, have the opportunity to create something that is really yours. 

“This show is super important to me because it was written by an autistic gay woman and directed by an autistic woman, so it’s very through that lens,” Bradley said.

“Please Have a Seat and Someone Will Be With You Shortly” written by Garth Wingfield, is directed by junior Javier Anselmo-Rodriguez. 

It is a comedy about two strangers meeting after being in the same therapist’s office for two months. We learn about their lives and watch their imaginations come to life. For Anselmo-Rodriguez, the best part of this show’s rehearsal process has been being able to laugh in rehearsals.

 “It’s a silly and wacky show, and I’m so honored to be able to work with such a hardworking and hilarious group of cast members,” Anselmo-Rodriguez said. 

“Estranged” is directed by senior Mia Alaimo. It tells the story of a couple that can no longer hide their deeper, ugly problems with each other behind false happiness.

Alaimo is both the director and the author of this play. For Alaimo, directing her own written work has been both rewarding and scary.

“It solidifies my belief in myself as a multi-hyphenate artist and makes me a better human,” Alaimo said. “I’m really grateful for the opportunity.“

Alaimo hopes audiences will leave her show with a reminder to have compassion and resilience in their own lives.

“You don’t know the story behind closed doors for most people,” Alaimo said. “Leading your life with respect, compassion and resilience is at least a start.”

The Student Theatre Productions will perform at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 23-25, and on Feb. 26 at 2 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. 


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