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Disney gives best ride ever (roller coaster, that is)

Photo by Maddi Cave | Staff Writer

I know “Disney adults” get a bad rap…but I’m only 19. Therefore, I don’t qualify as an adult.

Additionally, you can shit-talk Disney all you want, but many of their newer rides and attractions are top-tier in the amusement park world. (“Avatar” land in the Animal Kingdom? The Flight of Passage ride where you literally ride a Banshee? Phenomenal.)

That being said, as someone who has been regularly visiting Disney World since childhood, I was excited when the new “Guardians of the Galaxy” roller coaster – Cosmic Rewind – was open in time for our trip in December of last year.

And by last year, I mean last month. Hahahaha…anyways.

To put it simply, Cosmic Rewind is now my favorite roller coaster of all time.

For context, I am an adrenaline junkie who loves roller coasters and basically all things fear. I’ve ridden dozens of coasters around the county seeking thrills, but none has been as rewarding as Cosmic Rewind.

It is located in Epcot, where Ellen Degeneres’ Energy Adventure ride used to be until August of 2017. It is right next to Mission Space, adding to the “space travel” vibe of the area.

(Fair warning, the rest of the article contains slight spoilers for the attraction…so if you’re planning to go and want to be totally surprised, I invite you to ignore the rest of my article.)

The first reason I loved Cosmic Rewind was its length – as far as roller coasters go, it’s really long. In fact, when it opened in May 2022, it became the longest indoor roller coaster in the world.

The ride also features several new and unusual sensations for a coaster, especially one that’s indoors. The initial launch at the start of the ride actually shoots you backward at 60 mph, which is exciting because you’re not expecting it. 

Then as the ride goes along, each cart is able to spin 360 degrees and slides around with the tosses and turns of the ride. This not only adds a whole new layer of thrill to the experience but also helps the bumps of the roller coaster feel less jerky as compared to other traditional coasters – a major perk for people like my parents, who struggle with neck and back pain.

The individually-spinning carts aren’t the only design element that is impressive. The entire layout is unlike any ride I’ve ever seen. For people who know Disney, it is like Space Mountain, Rock n Roller Coaster and Expedition Everest had a baby…except that baby was decorated with the newest computer technology, which makes it feel like you are literally flying through space. 

Lastly, Disney is known for the “plots” of their roller coasters – in the queues, you’re told the story of your “mission,” your “tour,” or whatever other journey you’re embarking on because the characters need your help.

For Cosmic Rewind, this means the queue and the ride itself feature clips of the main characters in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies: Peter Quill, Gamora, Groot, Rocket Racoon and Drax. For Marvel fans like myself, it is super fun to feel like you’re a real character in their story. It feels especially realistic since, as I mentioned before, the effects are so high-tech.

You may very well be one of those people who gets grossed out by grown adults wearing Mickey Mouse ears with a matching shirt that says, “Best Day Ever!” Until other parks can come out with roller coasters as good as Disney’s, though… 

I suppose I’ll have to become a Disney adult when I grow up.

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