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Ho, ho, hope you don’t get coal: gift ideas for X-Mas

Graphic by Grace Altenhofen | Editor-in-Chief

With the holidays around the corner, it’s really coming down to the last minute to get gifts, and if you’re like me, you have no idea what to get for those you love most in your life. Thinking about environmental impacts of the holidays can also add to the chaos. If you’re trying to keep the environment in mind, and you’ve waited until the last minute to get gifts, here’s the perfect gift guide that offers green swaps for popular items.

For the plant lover in your life:

Plant people love plants (duh) but you don’t wanna jump to blindly getting them a new plant. They might have a plant wishlist or a certain vibe that they’re going for in their collection. A safe bet with the plant person in your life will always be a watering can or mister. If you don’t know where to go, Amazon has a ton of cute plant watering cans. Plants always need pots to go in, and planty people will always take glass jars to propagate plants in! If you’re wanting to go green this holiday season, you can thrift pots or jars.

For the gamer in your life:

Gamers are very easy to shop for! Do they have a favorite snack they like to eat while they game? Get them some of those! If you want to splurge on them, get them a new mouse, keyboard or controller. If you have no clue what gaming website or console they use, you can always take them to a store and get them a new game that they picked out themself. A greener option for gamers would be to go to a secondhand game store and get the game there!

For the crafty person in your life:

Crafty people have most likely been planning the holiday season for months. To get the crafter in your life a perfect gift, you have to know what craft they do. If they enjoy crocheting or knitting, get them some yarn! If they’re a painter, you can get them some canvas! There’s a lot of different types of crafts, and supplies are always a good, safe bet for crafters.

For the beauty guru in your life:

How do they always look so good? Buying a gift for them can be so difficult, especially when you don’t know what brands they like or what they’re about to run out of. If you want to be secretive and not ask them, a good option is a makeup brush set or organizer. If you’re wanting to go green, you can always thrift and customize jars for them! Headbands to keep hair back while they pamper themselves or skin care products that are gentle on the skin are also good gifts for them.


The perfect gift comes in the perfect packaging. Gift-giving can be quite stressful for not only you but also the environment. Plastics in packaging and wrapping can end up in our oceans and contaminate our environment. Consider swapping new for something thrifted or secondhand. Consider swapping wrapping paper for thrifted tote bags or scarves.

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