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Sugary seasonal Starbucks swills: the perfect SAD pill

Liv Klassen

Welcome to the time of pumpkin spice and all things fall! If you find yourself standing in the Starbucks line before 8 a.m., then this is the article for you. The beautiful thing about Starbucks is that you can make any drink on your own. If you’re feeling like switching up your coffee order, let me guide you on what I think are the fall flavors (and more) for the semester.  No matter what it is that you want to order, let the local TD barista do the ordering for you!

Strawberry Açaí with Apple Juice 

  • This is only an iced drink, which makes it perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up! Don’t like the sweetness of refreshers, but you don’t want coffee or tea at that moment? Want to add something a little sweeter than water but don’t want lemonade? Then this is a good drink for you! A grande at the corporate store will be $5.19.

Chai with Oat Milk, Brown Sugar and Pumpkin 

  • This one can be done hot or iced, but I think this is the best when iced. This is a good drink if you like the taste of chai, but you are looking​​ to switch it up a bit. This is always the first thing I make myself when pumpkin comes to my store. It is a great way to get into the fall season with a bit of brown sugar deliciousness. The pumpkin and brown sugar mix well together. A grande at the corporate stores will run you $7.60, so this one is a bit expensive! 

Matcha with Brown Sugar and Oat Milk  

  • This one is good either hot or iced, but (again) I like it the most iced. Can you blame me? Brown sugar and oat milk pair well together, especially with the subtle notes of the matcha from Starbucks. I will be the first to say that Starbucks matcha is mid, but this is how I take matcha if I have a hankering for it. A grande of this drink will run you $6.77. 

White Mocha with Pumpkin and Salted Cream Cold Foam 

  • If you get this with the cold foam, the baristas will love it if you ordered it iced; however, you can also get it hot with the foam (though I do not recommend it— the foam sinks to the bottom). If you have a bit of a sweet tooth and you enjoy pumpkin and white mocha, give this a shot! Another recommendation is to try it with blonde shots of espresso. With the blonde, my coworker calls this the “Cinderella.” Adding the salted foam really ties the whole drink together. The salty of the foam and the sweet of the pumpkin work together perfectly to make a treat! This one is going to be a bit more expensive, so it makes sense to skip the foam if it’s not your jam. This will cost $8.08, so try this one on payday.

Caramel Apple Spice 

  • It only comes hot, but you can order it at a reduced temperature. This one requires no modifications. This is, in my humble opinion, one of the most underrated drinks that is on the menu. It is perfect for the fall and is something that can be made and enjoyed year-round. It’s simple and light but delicious overall. The drink itself is apple juice and cinnamon dolce syrup with whip cream and caramel drizzle. As a grande, this drink will cost $4.77.
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