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Draymond Green steps away from Warriors following leaked fight video

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green has been involved in a media frenzy following a leaked video in which Green punched a teammate in practice. 

The teammate in question, Jordan Poole, was seen in a leaked video engaging in an altercation with Green during a practice session. In the video, the two begin pushing each other, and it eventually leads to a punch thrown by Green.

With disappointment spreading across the Warriors organization, head coach Steve Kerr believes that much of the controversy simply stems from the fact that the video was leaked, rather than the altercation itself. 

Kerr pointed towards the inappropriate way the video was leaked, stating that these things are easier to control internally. 

When things are kept internally, it’s almost easy to handle,” Kerr said. “As soon as things are leaked, all hell breaks loose.”

Green has since stepped away from the team, an announcement he made during a press conference on Saturday. 

During the conference, Green spoke on his absence, expressing a desire to give his teammates time to recoup. 

“I’m going to continue to stay away, as I’ve been away, and continue to do work on myself, but also just give guys space,” Green said. “I do want to give my team some space, I want to give Jordan some space, and then also take a few days and continue to work on myself…take some time to let everything breathe.”

According to other staff within the Warriors organization, the incident stemmed from nothing more than casual trash talk that occurs regularly on the court. 

At this point in the offseason, it seems that Green will be available for the team’s opening night matchup against the Los Angeles Lakers despite his absence. 

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