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Summer Memories

Summertime is a favorite season for many, often meaning no classes and free time galore.  Here’s how some Drake University students spent their summer and how it prepared them for the upcoming school year. 

Princess Hart, a sophomore majoring in graphic design with a minor in magazine media, said she spent her summer exploring Des Moines. 

“My favorite thing this summer was exploring a bit more of downtown Des Moines, specifically East Village,” Hart said. “It was so much fun finding new coffee shops and checking out the Botanical Garden. Surprisingly, it unlocked the nature gal in me.”

Hart stayed close to the Des Moines area due to an internship with a local nonprofit over the summer. She truly feels that her summer helped to prepare her for this upcoming school year. 

“I think summer helped me set up my mindset for this year,” Hart said. “I spent my first summer away from my family and figured things out independently. It was extremely scary and rough at first, but necessary for my personal growth.” 

Lauren Theisen, a sophomore majoring in multimedia journalism and sociology, was able to help local high school students this summer. 

“My favorite thing I did this summer was tutor at my old high school,” Theisen said. “I had the opportunity to work with one of my friends from high school that I graduated with and together we helped over 50 students graduate who weren’t previously on track to pass. Watching my students walk the stage at graduation was so rewarding.”

She is looking forward to this semester, after taking time for herself this summer and forming new habits. 

“I had a lot of downtime this summer to relax and build healthy habits that better me as an individual, such as working out, reading and just simply taking time to be by myself,” Theisen said. “With my busy schedule this semester, I hope I can incorporate some of those habits into my semester and avoid the ‘Drake Busy.’”

Kay Awonaike, a junior studying digital media production and public relations, was able to spend his summer exploring his passions and helping others explore theirs. 

“I taught dance classes at my dance studios. I love making people happy and enjoying the art of movement,” Awonaike said, mentioning that he also worked part time at Buffalo Wild Wings while teaching summer dance classes. 

He is really excited for this semester, hoping to embrace the present and not worry too much about the future. Awonaike  is also excited to continue leading his dance club at Drake University, the Blue Crew, and working for the School of Journalism and Mass Communication social media. 

Summer was a time of rest and relaxation for many but these students are excited and eager to back on campus together knowing that their summers helped to shape this new fall semester. 

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