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Email States An Increase of Car Break-Ins And Thefts

Liv Klassen

An email sent to the student body by Executive Director of Public Safety Scott Law and Chief Student Affairs Officer Jerry Parker on Sept. 19 stated that there has been an increase in reports of car break-ins and thefts at Drake and the surrounding area.

“We have learned that many of these crimes were committed when valuables were in plain sight, cars were left unlocked or spare keys or fobs were left in the vehicle,” the email said.

According to Law, Drake Public Safety (DPS) has recorded five stolen vehicles as of Sept. 21 – two of them being university-owned golf carts. They have also received 11 reported thefts of items from parked vehicles.

Reports have been taken since the school year kicked off, with consistent cases of thefts from motor vehicles recorded within that time frame. Many have occurred on and off campus, with several thefts happening on Greek Street.

This is an ongoing investigation by the Des Moines Police Department (DMPD) and DPS. However, not all parties who have come forward to DPS have made reports to DMPD, according to Law. 

Law stated that DPS is currently unsure if the individuals committing break-ins and/or thefts are part of the Drake community at this point, adding that the “few descriptions and videos we have lead us to believe it is not a campus member.”

Currently, DPS and Student Affairs are trying to educate the campus community on measures to take to reduce the chances of being a victim of such crimes. In addition to the email, they have started a poster campaign to raise awareness.

“Things that can be done include, but are not limited to: not leaving valuables in plain sight vehicles, making sure to secure vehicles by closing windows and locking doors at all times and not leaving key fobs or keys in vehicles,” Law said. 

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