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Hot Girl Summer prep

Graphic by Rachel James | Editor in Chief

Let’s face it people! The sun is shining, and the grand time of sweater weather is coming to a close. You all know what this means; Hot Girl Summer is just around the corner. The hoodies are coming off and with it, our collective seasonal depression. As we take this trek out of this cold and barren cornfield that we call home and into the heavenly conditions of Hot Girl Summer, we should all prepare for what is to come. 

To start, many of us are wondering the same thing. As Taylor Swift so elegantly asked, “Are we out of the woods yet?” In the context of winter, the answer is almost. However, when it comes to COVID-19, the answer is, sadly, no. So, as we start our journey into the summer that will have us waking up in places unknown, I encourage you all to stick to COVID guidelines. When you’re out curing your seasonal depression with retail therapy, make sure you get a matching mask to go with the six bikinis you’ll never wear. The grind doesn’t stop just because COVID is on top…of our minds. See what I did there?

Anyway, now that we got the terms and conditions out of the way, let’s talk about what else to prepare for when it comes to the sun shining down on Drake’s Campus. The sun brings about many things: an end to seasonal depression, an overall boost in morale, and the need to get outside. 

More importantly, the sun brings all of the people who you thought you’d never see again, out of hibernation. This includes, but is not limited to: Yoga Girls, Frisbee Jocks, Spike Ball Enthusiasts, those who try so desperately to get a tan only to end up paying for one a few days later, Plant Lovers, Protestors, Trend Setters, Hippie Hammockers and so much more. There is no clear way to avoid these people if you, like me, are an introvert at heart. 

Personally, I would suggest watching the joyous happenings from afar as you work on your tan or your homework, whichever is more important. There is nothing better than laying down on the soft grass of Helmick Commons, listening to the cacophonous melodies of Drake Students yelling about the rules of spike ball, or the depressive trio discussing their latest C- from Goldford’s class. 

Drake’s Campus is readying up for Hot Girl Summer, and you should too. 

To my guys, gals, and non-binary pals, I implore you to get outside and bask in the sun. Whether that be in the form of walking the Bulldog Mile to get those steps in, sashaying on to Peggy’s to get “White Girl Wasted,” (safely and only if y’all are outside and vaccinated, I am not playing games because you want to be drinking a cran vodka you could’ve made at home) or lying in the grass at Helmick Commons to manifest your destiny, the sun and myself, want you all to get out, get active and enjoy the beginnings of Hot Girl Summer!


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