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Drake Tennis Player named Player of the Week

After three great dual matches from both men’s and women’s tennis this past weekend, the Missouri Valley Conference (MVC) gave this week singles player of the week for women to Senior Liza Petushkova.
The league announced on Wednesday 3rd that Petushkova had received it. Petushkova is now on her fourth year here at Drake and is continuously bringing more and more wins for the Bulldogs. Over the past weekend Petushkova went 2-0 in both her singles and doubles matches. Petushkova played singles and doubles one for all of her matches. Petushkova’s overall record so far for this season in singles is 5-3.
Petushkova has won her singles matches against players from The University of North Dakota, Grand Canyon, University of Nebraska Omaha, University of Colorado, and Wichita State University.  After winning both of her matches against Omaha, and Colorado in straight sets she was given player of the week.
Although this was not the first time Petushkova has been given player of the week she is happy that she was able to get it again, “I’m super grateful that I was able to get player of the week once again” Petushkova said.
Petushkova is proud of how she has done this season so far, “For the most part I think this season has been going well, I keep going out every match with a positive mindset and play my game. I can’t wait to keep competing and finish this season strong,” She said.
Head coach Mai-ly Tran is also happy and proud of Petushkova for receiving the award, “I’m extremely proud of how Liza has been competing. She’s displayed confidence and composure in her matches which has helped her beat her opponents quite comfortably in the last 3 matches.  I look forward to seeing her continue to compete at a higher level,” She said.
Petushkova is not the only Bulldog who received player of the week, from men’s tennis the Summit League also gave the men’s singles player of the week to Junior Evan Fragistas. As of this season, Fragistas has a record of 3-0 in singles. Fragistas has beaten other players from Northern Illinois University, University of Utah, and Illinois State University.
Fragistas is grateful that he was able to receive player of the week, “I’m glad that I was able to receive player of the week, and help my team get a win. I’m excited for the rest of the season and to see everything that the boys are going to accomplish,” He said.
Fragistas has played both singles 3 and singles 4 throughout the season so far and doubles three. Over the past weekend Fragistas won both his singles and doubles matches against Illinois State University. In singles Fragistas won his match 6-1,6-0. Fragistas and his Partner Freddie Powell won their doubles set 7-5 against Illinois State.
Men’s and Women’s tennis have quite a few matches still left in March with lots of opportunities for both Fragistas and Petushkova as well as the other Bulldogs to get some more matches under their belt.


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