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To all The Boys: Always and Forever: Movie Brings Jams, Tears and Existential Dread

Photo Courtesy of John-Mark Smith | Pexels

Over the weekend, I got a free moment in the never-ending screen staring that are classes to stare at a different screen. 

So I sat on my floor, painted my nails and got ready to gain unrealistic expectations for love. 

Rom coms are my bread and butter:

Overdone tropes? Sign me up. Drama that could be resolved with simple communication? Sure, I’ll watch.

As the third (and probably final) movie in the series, “To All the Boys: Always and Forever” takes place during Lara Jean and Peter’s senior year of high school. 

The pair are struggling with something we see a lot in coming of age movies: where are they going to go to college and will they stay together. 

Peter is going to Stanford (for once I would love to see a teen movie where they go to trade school or just a state college please I am begging) but Lara is unsure and New York City is calling her name. 

While I am not going to spoil anything, naturally this decision causes tensions. 

As someone who hasn’t been in high school for a while, I didn’t expect to relate to the movie as much as I did. 

But I’m currently deciding where to attend law school and the inner debate of the characters was something I felt acutely. The heavy feeling that your life is about to change and the struggle to catch up with it is something I don’t think we ever stop relating to in our younger years no matter our path.

Furthermore, this film is more mature than the first two, touching on the topics of strained parental relationships and finding love later in life after loss. 

The quote, “I guess that’s what happens when you grow up. Everything gets all mixed up together,” signifies that feeling of aging and reconciling feelings of loss and gains as life continues on. (Yes I cried, no we do not discuss).

Lastly, the soundtrack is fantastic and if you don’t want to watch, at least go listen. 


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