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Statement From Professor Beth Younger

Recently some of the comments I have made on Twitter were copied and publicized without my knowledge. I understand that some of these comments have been upsetting to students and others. I deeply regret the harm this has caused the Drake community. I am totally committed to open and fair dialogue on our campus and in my classroom; and my students would tell you this. My teaching record would also attest to my creating an environment that is safe for liberals and conservatives, and everyone in-between.

I will also assert that my personal political views are just that. They have nothing to do with me as an educator. While I do understand that some of the comments were upsetting to conservative students, I assert that Drake is (as a community) committed to open dialogue among students. The students that publicized my comments have not been in my classes; nor do they know me personally. The conflation between my political comments and my pedagogy is false. I treat each of my students with respect, and my teaching record reveals that.

These students did not contact me or reach out to ask questions–their targeted harassment is a common tactic used by Turning Point USA to harass “liberal” educators and create conflict. While I do regret the harm this has caused, I think the students involved are misguided.


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  1. Charlene King February 3, 2021

    You need to be removed from the education of our young people. Your dialogue says it all. Go in peace!

  2. Kim Stone February 4, 2021

    You are wrong. Sounded like hate speech to me. Way to deflect it to Turning Point too. Typical left response.

  3. Alum February 6, 2021

    As an alum of Drake University, it is quite apparent that it is time for me to cease my financial support immediately. Best of luck to a university that I was loved, but has completely lost its way. What a shameful “person” they employ at their institution.

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