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Indira Sheumaker announces her run for city council

Photo courtesy of Indira Sheumaker

On Tuesday, Feb. 9, Indira Sheumaker announced her campaign run for Ward One Representative on the Des Moines city council.

Born and raised in Ward One, which covers most of Merle Hay Rd to parts of 2nd Avenue, Sheumaker has been active in her community for years. This past summer her activism work focused on tackling police brutality and pushing for legislation which would restore voting rights for felons, the latter of which was passed through executive order by Gov. Kim Reynolds.

“I have seen how the City Council acts as a barrier to meaningful, necessary change, and as antagonists to the people they claim to represent,” Sheumaker said in the press release announcing her candidacy. “I am running to break down barriers and to give the people a voice in their government.” 

Sheumaker is running on the following issues: 

— Strong communities make police obsolete; defund the police for safety and justice

—Housing & neighborhoods; from surviving to thriving; accessible food and housing build stable communities

—Healthy infrastructure for a sustainable future; redirect power, redistribute funds

— A people’s government against corporate greed; redirect power, redistribute funds

Sheumaker has already secured endorsements from prominent local activists, including Joe Henry, a veteran activist of 40 years and president of the League of United Latin American Citizens. She is also endorsed by Iowa House Representative Ras Smith, who spoke during her campaign launch event Friday, Feb.12. 

“Indira has courage, she has passion, and she has knowledge of the systems, to make real change,” Smith said. “Not only achieve her goals of neighborhood council but the ability to make Ward One and the city of Des Moines a better place.”


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