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Athletes to Return to Training in January

Students will be back on campus for the second semester starting on Feb. 1, 2021. However, some student athletes will return sooner to start training for the spring season. Sports such as tennis, track, basketball and soccer are going to be able to begin practices on Jan. 6, 2021. 

Basketball is currently still on campus, training in the facilities as well as competing. The men’s basketball team took the first win (80-70) of the season this past week against Kansas State. Women’s basketball also took their first win (75-62) of the season this past week in the game against Creighton. 

Women’s tennis will be back on campus on Jan. 10 in preparation for their spring season matches. While players are excited to get back on the courts, some are also concerned about the possibility of COVID-19 spread after everyone returns from the holidays at home. 

“I’m excited to be able to come back and practice as well as compete and be around our whole team,” said junior Kelsey Neville. “I am a little worried about everyone coming back from different places due to the cases being so high all over.” 

Sophomore Kendall Hunt expressed similar concerns.

 “I am hopeful we will be able to come back to train,” Hunt said. “I feel that with less people on campus it will be safer, but of course I am still very worried about the increase in COVID cases over the holidays. It’s a huge positive that all of the athletes are going to get tested once they arrive for J-term.” 

Track and field will also return to campus around the middle of January, shortly before their first competition. First-year Briandrias Rhodes is excited for the chance to get back on campus and train.

 “I’m excited to come back for J-term because I’m able to practice and be with my teammates again, but I am slightly concerned with the health risks and the possibility of getting covid during this time,” Rhodes said. “All in all, I have full trust in Drake and believe that I am in good hands.” 

Maddy Klebenow, a first-year student on the track and field team, doesn’t share the same concerns about COVID-19 as other student athletes. 

“I’m actually not too worried since we’re all getting tested right when we get back,” Klebenow said. “I just hope the entire student population stays safe during this time, so the second semester goes as smoothly as first. I’m happy that our seasons will be happening!”

First-year sprinter Dylan DeAngelo is also very ready to return for training.

 “I am very excited to come back for J-term, it will be a lot more productive to be able to practice with the team in the facilities,” DeAngelo said. “For the most part I think it will be safe because we will be around the same people and getting temperature checks every day. We are also getting tested once we get there which is a huge bonus.” 

The Bulldogs are happy to be able to come back earlier and start training safely in the facilities once again in hopes of strong spring seasons for all. Visit www.godrakebulldogs.com  for more information on spring season sports.


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