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Badminton at Drake

This past weekend Drake Rec held a two day badminton event, including both a doubles and a singles  tournament, on Nov. 6 and 7.

The singles tournament was the first event in the two-day series. With only a few players, the matches were short and seemingly entertaining to be a part of for the small number of people who could make it. However, the doubles tournament was widely popular. Upon arrival, it was obvious that there were many different teams ready to compete for the two first place prizes; t-shirts for the winners bracket and water bottles for the consolation bracket.

The event staff created a bracket for the many different doubles teams. Within ten minutes, racquets and plastic shuttlecocks were being dispersed among three courts, and the games were underway.

Alyssa Overlin, a freshman, was able to participate in both the singles and doubles tournament at the Bell Center. Overlin, who played badminton with her high school for four years, enjoyed the chance to get back on the courts.

“My senior badminton season in high school was cancelled [due to COVID-19], so this tournament was a nice way to get back into the game, “ Overlin said. “There was a great turnout and everyone was cheering each other on. I really enjoyed playing in the tournament and watching the other teams as well!”

Overlin was able to make it to the final round of the winners bracket in both singles and doubles, and she was crowned the champion of both.

Of course, the event wasn’t just popular with badminton players. There were many people that participated in the competition who had never picked up a racquet before, much less understood the rules of the game and how it actually worked. In many instances, the separation between experienced players and new ones worked out for the best; newcomers were able to ask veteran players for help and find out more about the rules of the game–like different lines and techniques–so the matches were more satisfying to complete.

Olivia Rodriguez and her partner Teresa Tenner also participated in the doubles tournament.

“I had fun playing with other students who were nice and some people who wanted to learn about the actual rules on how to play,” Rodriguez said.

Her partner, Tenner, was a newcomer to the sport.

“I had never played in a badminton tournament before, but my partner taught me the rules,” Tenner said. “It was a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to the next tournament!”

Rodriguez and Tenner were able to make it to the final rounds of the consolation bracket with Olivia’s experience and Teresa’s willingness to learn and adapt to the rules of the game.

To find out about future events hosted by Drake Rec, visit drake.edu/recservices.

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