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Weekly horoscope: how well personal life is going for each sign


— The planet of love, Venus, is ruling Aries currently. You are excited by all of the romantic possibilities in your life. You are probably spending a lot of time on dating apps this week. You feel confident and able to put yourself out there, so don’t hesitate.

Taurus — Following your intuition can be difficult if you haven’t cultivated that skill. It can sometimes feel like walking blindfolded. Trusting yourself is vital right now. You will have to push back against the uncomfortable doubt. The path is clearer than you might think.

Gemini — You feel worn down by your routine. You find yourself spacing out and often dreaming about what you would rather be doing. Try to make a small change in your day to include something of joy. Bring a small bit of joy into life and you’ll feel less stuck. 

Cancer — You are giving your all to life right now and that may not be rewarded for some time. Don’t ever blame yourself. Find comfort in the fact that you did your best and everything left is up to someone else. No matter what happens, you have already made it.

Leo — You have been taking inventory of everything in your life. This season is calling for a shift in values, goals and relationships. You know what you deserve and you are not going to compromise on it. Your boldness is a skill that you know how to leverage well.

Virgo — You finally feel like you can breathe again. To keep this energy going, you’ll need to face everything head-on. This won’t be as exciting as the rush you get from procrastinating till the last minute, but it will bring you a period of much-needed balance.

Libra — The stress is stacking up and it is beginning to show. You are feeling impulsive and drawn to rash decisions in order to feel a sense of control through the chaos. Don’t go too far, Libra. You know your own limits so please listen to them and take a little break.

Scorpio — This period you will feel restless and may find it causing conflicts in relationships. If other people are offended by your self-preservation— that says more about them than you. What you have to do to take care of yourself is necessary and no one should make you feel drained for it.

Sagittarius — It’s only the beginning of the semester and you are already having a new identity crisis. You have the ability to do a million different things, but you don’t feel any specific motivation. Everything feels muddy and hazy even though you’ve only been chasing clarity.

Capricorn — You know what your next steps should be and a part of you is resisting that. You want to feel like you are making a conscious choice. Lean into the restlessness and question even the standards you’ve never pushed against. You are always capable of creating freedom.

Aquarius — You feel like you are running through a maze, constantly turning corners, but not finding your way out. Aquarius season will send you into a scramble for truth. You are putting a lot of pressure on yourself to have it all figured out, but remember that not all growth is linear.
Pisces — There is something in your life that you are ready to make more permanent. Maybe the job you thought was a side gig can become a fulfilling career. Or you are seeing a relationship in a new light. Look around, you already have everything you need for happiness.


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