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A weekend long experience for prospective students at Drake


Drake University hosted 156 students from six states the weekend of Feb. 14 for the annual Road Trip to Drake. Prospective students toured campus, explored the city and enjoyed other student life activities.

Prospective students boarded buses in their home state and drove to campus for two days of events. Drake students who live on campus volunteered to host the students overnight in their dorms and met the students after their campus tour.

The main goal of Road Trip to Drake, which is organized by the Office of Admissions, is to allow prospective students “to get a feel for what it would be like as a Drake student,” assistant director of first year recruitment Lisa Flynn said. 

Prospective students have the chance to interact with each other as well as engage in one-on-one and small group interactions with current Bulldogs. “They are all going through a similar experience of trying to make a college decision,” Flynn said. 

The event started 15 years ago, initially just as a road trip from Chicago, but has expanded to include students from Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wisconsin. 

Flynn said the program grows and changes every year.

According to Flynn, she loves the program because of its uniqueness and potential to create impactful moments for these students. Not only does she get to see prospective students connect, but she also gets to see the excitement of the current student hosts.

“Many of our hosts attended Road Trip in the past, so it’s fun to hear their stories about how they want to pay it forward and create a meaningful experience,” Flynn said.

The “pay it forward” attitude is exactly why first-year Abby White got involved.

“I thought it would be a really good way to serve my school and give back for the things they do for me,” White said.

White enjoyed being a part of the program because she got to “ talk to a lot of students and it was just a fun time.” 

White hosted Katie Das, a high school senior from St. Charles, IL. White also wanted to host because she thought it was a great opportunity to show other prospective students what makes Drake such a good school.

Das said coming on this trip has definitely affected her decision on what school she will be attending next year because before she was between two schools, but is now leaning more towards Drake.

“I don’t think any college has given me that kind of attention that Drake does which definitely is a factor,” Das said.

Das has really enjoyed her time on the Road Trip to Drake, during both the actual road trip and her stay on campus. 

“I had a lot of fun on the bus ride here actually because I got to meet a lot of people that are going to be in the same classes I am,” Das said. “It was really nice to spend time on campus for more than just an hour-long tour.”

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